Why High Quality Memory Foam Really Matters

Since the beginning of the memory foam mattress boom started by Tempurpedic, many manufacturers of memory foam mattresses and products emerged all across the globe as we display at the Memory Foam Network website. However, in regards to memory foam, all brands are not created equal. Some charge just about the same price for much lower quality materials, as well as some that simply choose to charge less for readily made mattresses. What makes these memory foam mattresses so cheap? We will help explain that in this article.

First, for companies to compete with high quality memory foam manufacturers, they would obviously have to charge some sort of a discount price in order to sway the potential memory foam mattress owner into veering away from Tempurpedic or other high quality brands. Tempurpedic not only uses high quality materials, but they also use them in abundance. The prices are ab it higher, but in the memory foam world, you get what you pay for … literally. This is because memory foam products are not inexpensive for companies to make. Some of the chemicals companies will use could even be rather harmful to one's health if not looking closely. Such chemicals as formaldehyde go into cheaper mattresses in many cases.

Tempurpedic's materials and process of producing their memory foam has always been highly secretive. As they have most likely already assumed, many companies are trying to duplicate what Tempurpedic has been producing would emerge in order to compete and take business away form the one company who made it all possible.

Many of the 'discount' memory foam mattress manufacturers will keep their costs low by simply purchasing the pre-manufactured materials from overseas and simply assemble the memory foam mattress in their own country in order to sell the mattress at a much cheaper price while being able to stamp a "Made in the USA" or similar label on their product. The problem with buying materials from overseas is that many countries in which the materials are produced do not have the safety regulations that many countries do have. This way they are able to produce products for much cheaper prices.

In many cases, people have already gotten ill from the chemicals or allergies related to the materials producing the cheap memory foam. In addition, the cheaper memory foam in many cases will not hold up nearly as long as a high quality memory foam mattress will. The result is a memory foam mattress that sags in the middle or where the person sleeps and no recourse or warranty. It has been reported that many discount memory foam mattress companies that DO offer warranties do not honor them the way they should. In fact, in some manufacturers' small print it even states that a minimum amount of 'dip' has to occur in order for them to honor the warranty. If there is one thing to remember, it would be to look closely at the quality of the mattress and look into the warranty on the mattress or product.