The Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine – Does A Computer Really HelpYou Choose the Best Mattress?

Buying an expensive, top of the range mattress doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep. Companies like Serta, Simmons, Jamison and Kingsdown all make expensive, good quality mattresses and they all claim that their mattress will give you the best night’s sleep. The problem is that these mattresses may be the best money can buy but they each have different qualities and each consumer buying a mattress has different needs. With its Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine, Kingsdown reckon they’ve got the answer to guarantee a perfect night’s sleep.

If you want a good night’s sleep you should sleep on a good quality mattress; cheap mattresses will never give you the support you need. There are quite a few manufacturers who produce top rated mattresses, using the finest materials and technology. Unfortunately, many consumers buy one of these expensive mattresses only to feel disappointed with the comfort and support of the mattress.

The problem is, that although these mattress are amongst the best you can buy, each manufacturers mattresses differ from their competitor’s. And to make matters more confusing, each manufacturer usually produces many different types of mattresses in its product range.

A mattress that may be perfect for one person may be totally unsuitable for another. Therefore, even getting recommendations from friends and family isn’t going to ensure you get the best mattress.

The traditional way of choosing a mattress was to go and lie down on it and judge for yourself if it gave the support and comfort you needed. But there are always problems with this method of choosing a mattress. First off, it is very time consuming. There are literally hundreds of top rated mattresses on the market; testing out each one is out of the question.

Even if you narrow your choice down to one brand of mattress, you may still have to ‘try out’ several different models. And the store you go and visit may not have all the models on offer, so you might miss on the model that would have been perfect for you.

But suppose the store does have all the mattress models for one particular manufacturer, choosing the perfect mattress is still not a done deal.

You’re supposed to lie down on a mattress for at least ten minutes. You’re supposed to try out the various positions you sleep in. You’re also supposed to wear what approximates to what you usually wear in bed – not so easy if you wear next to nothing when you sleep!

You may have to spend an hour or two testing out all the different mattresses! Also, many people don’t feel comfortable about lying down on a mattress in a busy store, with other customers looking at you.

If you don’t feel comfortable on lying on a mattress in a store, you’re not going to make the best decision about the comfort of the mattress.

Kingsdown has recognized the fact that testing out a mattress in a busy store, wearing day clothes affects the judgment made by the consumer – usually for the worst. Therefore when buying a Kingsdown mattress the company has developed a computer program to determine what the best mattress is for the customer.

Kingsdown has spent years compiling the sleep data of millions of people. The end result was the development of a computer system called the Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine.

But how does the system work? Each authorized distributor of Kingsdown mattress offers the Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine service. The test only takes two minutes: the customer just answers a few questions, lies down on the diagnostic bed, and lets the computer systems make its calculations. In a few minutes the customer has an easy to read printout that recommends the best Kingsdown mattress for their needs.

Of course not everyone is going to follow the recommendations of a computer. Some are still going to trust their own judgment and instincts when choosing a mattress. But if you feel uncomfortable lying down on dozens of mattresses in a store or simply haven’t got the time, then the Dormo-Diagnostics Sleep Machine by Kingsdown may be the answer. The Dormo-Diagnostics system is just another option that is available to the consumer.

As stated above, there are many manufacturers of quality mattresses. They all offer the best materials and technology available but they are all different. What Kingsdown have attempted to do is to make choosing a Kingsdown mattress as simple as possible by applying computer technology; this service is unique among high end mattress manufacturers.