Reasons Why Your New Futon Mattress Will Beat Out a Traditional Mattress

It is an exciting thing looking for a new bed. You start looking and then can not wait to get home to get that perfect night's sleep. You hope that you will sleep through the night. Maybe this will be the case. Try a futon mattress again, this time I bet they will surprise you – in a good way!

I remember my first night's sleep on my post-college futon. I got a wonderful night of rest and then – ugghhh, I remembered it was time for work. While I had a futon in college, this is not the same. It was much more comfortable than that mattress I got as a hand-me-down from my aunt when she got a new mattress for herself. The new futon, I'll call it, has great support and feels quiet. There is not any noise or creaking.

At one point, I had a futon sofa-sleeper in my home office and a traditional mattress in my master bedroom. Often, when I was working online, doing my research and paperwork I would need to just take a break. Bam, out like a light on that old futon. Long story short, I was that one out.

When I was looking for a new one, I had no idea that futon mattress companies have actually done a lot to modernize and enhance that old futon. They are definitely not just for the college-bound crowd any more. Today, you will find futon beds with the same features as more traditional mattresses. For example, futons now come with wrapped coiled springs, memory foam and even with toppers. All the comfort and less the price – so, when will you be ordering your futon?

The main advantage futons have over the traditional mattress are concern flexibility and price. If you compare how a futon can be used as a sofa or bed with the cost, a traditional mattress simply can not compare. Add in a nice topper or elegant futon cover and that boring old mattress does not stack up. Futons sell for much less the thousands you could spend on some nicer quality traditional mattresses, even searching online. You might find that there are quite varying prices, so do your research.

Yet another advantage of a futon is that you can use any number of futon covers to create different looks almost instantly to change the décor of your space. If you tried that with a traditional mattress you would probably have to visit your chiropractor, let alone change the look in any brief amount of time.

You can choose from various types of futon bed frames also. You could go with the more traditional style with armrests or magazine racks or opt for a Zen look with a low profile with added storage benefit. Not only does this help create that more tranquil space but also frees up some closet space. How many more pairs of shoes do you think you can fit now?

With all the concern and changes in our environment and air quality, you may be concerned with the toxicity aspect to your mattress material. Many futons are made with simple materials and can also be ordered with natural fibers or as organic futons. Traditional mattresses cost in the thousands. Look up natural bed mattresses and you will see what I mean. The thing is, they are totally worth it! Think of all the stuff you (or your child) are inhaling each night as you lay there. Sometimes the odor is not that offensive so you may not even know it is there. Other times, the smell is quite obvious and you know that you are breathing those off gassing products. A futon mattress does not necessarily completely avoid this issue, but if you are diligent in your online search, you will discover why sleeping on a futon is making a comeback.