Polyurethane Foam Mattress

When we are buying mattresses, we are usually looking for long term investment. We are not planning to change our mattress every every so the quality plays a big role here. Foam mattress is for sure one of the best choices when it comes down to quality. That has been proven numerous times.

So let's talk about polyurethane mattress for a while. Basically, while buying mattress we want to know as much as possible about two things: comfort and durability. Everything else is less important, except maybe price – I'll cover that as well, but later.

Comfort that polyurethane mattress can provide us is really astonishing. It can create sleeping surface that literally follows our body. Polyurethane mattress is very quite as well and what is very important – it allows your body to breathe because of open cells.

Mattresses made of material other than polyurethane typically lose their shape over longer periods of time. That is not case with polyurethane foam mattress. According to tests made in laboratories, polyurethane foam's density can be predicted and that knowledge can be used to build mattress that is height loss immune. In other words – their durability is much better because they do not compact with use.

While you are buying your new polyurethane mattress, you should be careful because of residual odor. That is one of the largest advantages that polyurethane has over other materials. Basically, polyurethane mattress must go through process of ventilation before it leaves fabric.

Be especially careful with fire, because polyurethane foam can burn really fast. You should take that into account when you are placing your polyurethane foam mattress.

For conclusion, polyurethane foam is one of the most commonly used materials in mattress industry because it allows manufacturers to be flexible and to create a product that can satisfy consumers.