How To Get More Mileage Out of Your Old Mattress

I like a firm mattress, but the other day I noticed that my back would hurt a little in the mornings and sometimes my legs. Even though I like the strong support of a firm mattress, if I lay in the same position too long, it would cause body aches.

You would think the obvious solution would be to go looking for a new mattress, right? Wrong! Who wants to spend more money and replace a perfectly good mattress set? Why not examine the problem closer and see if we can come up with a solution.

I was shopping and noticed some memory foam pillows and a queen size 1 inch inch thick memory foam pad. This could have the solution to all my problems. I have been having neck problems anyway, and even had to go to the doctor.

He said to be sure to keep the neck straight, because a crook in the neck can cause strains. The pain was pretty bad.

I am taking teatments now to fix the problem, while at the same time trying to prevent it from coming again.

So I opted for the memory foam. At first I surprised if I should get a thicker piece, like 4 inches thick. But I remembered that if you go too thick you sink in a lot and have trouble turning over, because you're rolling out of a hole.

This is the biggest complaint, I ever hear about memory foam mattresses when I was a mattress salesman. So I opted for the 1 inch inch size with two traditional shaped memory foam pillows. The total cost was $ 115 at a well-known department store.

Not a bad price for fixing a health issue. Sometimes just a little adjustment can go a long way to solving complex problems.

My assumptions were correct. The memory foam pillows kept my neck straight and the memory foam pad added just the right amount of padding to give me comfort, remove the body aches and still maintain a firm feel that I like.

You may want to consider this approach instead of buying a new mattress set. What I did was take my firm mattress and upgrade it to a modest plush mattress. The pad has its own washable cover and I placed it under the fitted sheet, which holds it in place.

I was so happy with the feel and performance of the memory pad and pillows and I know it was a very cost effective way to solve my problem.

You will find memory foam used by many manufacturers for some of the padding layers in modern mattresses.

Memory foam is a quality foam that returns to its original shape and should last a good long time, so solving your problem well into the future.

Perhaps you could get 25% more life out of your old mattress this way without sacrificing comfort.