Getting A New Mattress Can Impact Your Health

Sleeping on a new mattress that offers sufficient and effective support, will certainly provide you with a restful night’ sleep. More importantly – it will also significantly reduce and help avoid those long-term aches and pains, which was most likely caused by oversleeping your old mattress. Here is what happens: A very old sleeping surface loses it density or support over time resulting in insufficient spinal alignment when you sleep. As your spine, necks and hips contort to accommodate for this it causes spasms and aches and pains that keep you awake. Not only does it keep you awake, it also makes it difficult for your body to go into deep sleep, or REM, as it is called. This phase of sleep is crucial for muscle recovery, memory retention, mental alertness, your immune system and your mood.

The health benefits offered by a new mattress can be attributed to the genius of modern mattress technology and design. The mattresses made today are designed to promote sleep and overall health. Making mattresses with much less “solid surface/ filling” – this means that incorporating air pockets, memory foam, latex etc., rather than sponge and springs – makes this possible. The science behind it is that helps in avoiding and/or halting the occurrence of possible stress points (caused by tossing and turning during the evening). Along with the latter benefit – new mattress designs are also aimed at improving the overall support it offers your body whilst you are sleeping. This, in turn, can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, any stiffness or discomfort in your joints and ensures that your spine is always aligned and not undress pressure.

Besides getting a good night’s sleep, every night, a new mattress offers more benefits that are particularly evident during the day. Proper sleep – thanks to not struggling to get and stay comfortable during the night – can lead to a healthy and joyful day. Another benefit of getting a good night’s rest includes supporting your immune system, which aids in fending off colds and flu.

So, now you are convinced that it is time to look into buying that new bed or mattress, but the mind-boggling array of choices in beds, mattress and bedroom furniture available in the market, this can be a pretty daunting task! This is a purchase that is going to cost you a few pennies, so take the time to do your research and then speak to a mattress expert at a reputable bed retailer near you before you make your final decision. Also ensure that you understand the return warranty and guarantees, just in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Happy snoozing!


Plush Latex Mattress – Why You Should Buy a Latex Mattress

Not all plush latex mattress are the same. Some mattresses may be really soft, others are on the firm side. There are also those beds that prevent dust, mites, dirt and other substances to form in the bed. There are also beds that are more durable and last longer than others. To a certain extent beds have all these properties but in different degrees but the best beds are those that rank high in all those respects.

There are mattresses that have all of these important characteristics. In fact there are many of them but among them, a latex plush mattress may be a step above the rest. They give their owners unprecedented comfort that is always a good thing to come home to. Comfort is the primary reason for buying a latex plush mattress. Although they are actually a lot more expensive than other mattresses especially in the United States where this market is still beginning, the comfort that it provides is definitely worth it.

In comfort, a plush latex mattress will always conform to your body structure and will provide it with adequate support. This is recommended especially for individuals who have wasting bones and also for those who have sensitive bodies. People with these kinds of problems will be glad to know that a plush latex mattress will be beneficial for their health since they will not force your body into an awkward position that will only make their situation worse. Also since this kind of stress conforms to your body structure, it also alleviates pressure points in the body, which Aside from giving you added comfort also promotes more restful sleep because it would decrease the event of you tossing and turning in your sleep.

Also another thing about a plush latex mattress is that this brand is durable and will last for a very long time. One of the reasons for this is because it is made of material that will resume its shape every after it is used. This means that you will not really worry about it being deformed because of use. Another reason why it is durable is because the material used in making a great latex mattress is allergen resistant. Allergens are bad for the health as well as bad for mattress' life span.

Many materials that are used to make a latex mattress are composed of breathable materials that make for a cooler sleeping experience. This means that these mattresses do not heat up that much and will continue to keep itself cool even during warm weathers.

A plush latex mattress is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. It provides you with the comfort and support that your body needs when sleeping. These kinds of mattresses are also the therapeutic and will prevent further harm to your body. it is also one of the most durable mattresses that is available today. The materials that are used to make these mattresses are essentially hypo-allergenic and is also anti allergen which basically means that this bed will provide you with clean air while you sleep


Compromise – The Secret to Buying a Mattress Together

Most couples don’t actually realize it; but finding a way to share a space as small as a bed together can be one of the most challenging parts to harmony in a marriage. It’s just that people have certain specific tastes and needs when it comes to how they sleep. People happen to be very particular about these, and it gets very difficult compromising on these with your partner. One of the first orders of business when you get married has to be going out together and shopping for a wonderful bed that both of you can be comfortable in that you can enjoy together. Buying a mattress together isn’t as easy as it seems. Apart from the fact that there are hundreds of kinds of mattresses to choose from, you do need to work out how you and your partner might compromise on the kind of mattress you will be getting.

You’re probably thinking, “What could there possibly be to argue about buying a mattress? You just buy a good one and you’re done with it.” Not exactly. When you’re married, you just find a number of ways in which to disagree. For instance, what if one of you wants a firm mattress and the other likes a soft one? Usually you need to go to several mattress stockists and try rolling on a dozen examples of each outlet. The first thing that you’re probably going to notice is that you have way too many choices to make any sense of. One of the most expensive options out there is the Sleep Number mattress. Basically, it’s exactly the right kind of concept for a bed for a married couple. It is an air mattress comes that with a remote control. You could turn one side of mattress firm and the other soft all at the same time. As innovative as all of this is, it does tend to be expensive; and anyway, whoever found an air mattress comfortable?

A memory foam mattress can be a particularly meaningful way to arrive at a compromise. Tempur Pedic is the brand to go for, and memory foam beautifully shapes itself to the contours of your body. No matter how much one person moves, the other person just doesn’t feel it. It can be firm while it convinces you that it is soft as well. If a full memory foam mattress seems too expensive, you could choose a memory foam mattress top for perhaps $200.

The problem with sharing a bed when you get married is that at some point, you realize that you no longer have the luxury of having the whole bed to yourself the way you did when you were single. Neither partner in any marriage is likely to be happy to see their space cut down by half. One of the best ways to solve that particular a riddle would be to order a California King bed that gives you an extra 6 inches in length. If a wider bed is what you’re after, buying a mattress that’s King-sized gives you a full extra foot over what you get on a double bed. Buying a mattress together doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Of course, compromise is essential. You couldn’t ever find a mattress that gave both of you exactly what you wanted. You could come close though.


Growing Into Bigger Mattresses

Americans seem to go via a pattern of progressively larger bed mattresses. Starting using the crib mattress, which at a small 2 ft by 4 ft would barely support an adult curled up in a ball, a person learns about how to sleep lying down by oneself. Typically a youngster will move to a twin sized bed. A twin mattress gives the sleeper more than 3 ft by 6 ft of sleep room and will enable for the growth of a youngster. Little youngsters could possibly locate it cozy to co-sleep with a sibling during a thunderstorm, but these are traditionally single beds. In reality in Europe they're referred to like a single rather than twin bed.

Upon reaching college, the young adult will unforgettable that dorm beds are additional prolonged twin. This can be most likely to accommodate the longer length in the young adult. It absolutely complicates the shopping for this new dorm encounter. Old, familiar sheets are not sufficient any longer.

The subsequent sizes for beds get a tiny bit complicated, and it will need the sheet buyer to be excessively cautious of actual sizes. Numerous persons will say that total and double bed mattress are similar. Definitely they're both usually about 54 inches (or 4 f ft) wide and either 75 or 80 inches extended. The exact same lengths on the twin and long twin extended. Those very same five inches that were a particular purchase for new sheets for college could leave the individual tugging and pulling each single morning to keep the mattress covered. There are not any particular standards for these names so check what the actual measurements are from the bed and try to come across those exact same numbers on the new sheets. A person is likely to discover that a favorite store has many sheet sizes available.

The coming size up is the queen. It's a total five ft across along with the identical 80 inches or 6 2/3 ft from the twin excess prolonged. Although occasionally purchased for any single individual, it is unduly the much more practical choice for two. It still does not offer as much room across individual individual like a twin, but for most adults it would be sufficient.

Any parent knows that once kids can get out of bed, they will begin their stampede in storms and to escape bad dreams. Parents, depending on the cause and their individual taste, will make some room and sacrifice a few added precious inches. These inches multiplly with the family size and some parents suddenly need a King Sized mattress. At more than 6 ft wide two men and women have nearly the exact same amount of room as if two twin beds were following to each other side by side.

Historically as the couple ages just one will blame the other for snoring or expertise insomnia at some point and a person may move back to a smaller mattress in a guest room. This really is of course all a matter of individual taste.


5 Guidelines For Successfully Cleaning Urine

When it comes to removing the smell of urine, you want the best solution possible. Whatever your child falls asleep and wets the bed or your pet was not let out in time, the smell can be annoying. You do not want a temporary fix but would prefer methods that will eliminate the odor completely.

  • The most affordable way to remove the odor from carpet or a rug is to use soap and water. This may take some manual labor but it will work. Use a good liquid detergent that is known for breaking up grease and a durable sponge. Scrub the affected areas two the three times for a few days until the scent is gone. When using this method to get rid of urine in mattress, the soap and water procedure will have to be modified. A mattress can only be scrubbed very well once a day in order for it to dry properly. This should not be repeated continuously either. The best solution for urine in mattress is probably going to be a chemical spray. A great spray chemical product is named Equalizer. This product is also effective in the removal of human urine. It is not a fun task to be the one cleaning mattress urine but it is also not healthy to sleep on a mattress with urine build up either.
  • Another great solution for cleaning mattress urine is to call in the professionals. This is going to cost more money but they normally guarantee their work and the job gets done much faster and efficiently. The professionals normally have everything that is needed to eliminate the urine and smell in half the time it would take an individual to do it themselves.
  • Water and vinegar will also remove the urine stain and smell from carpets. This is also an inexpensive method to use. Using the same procedure as with water and soap, make sure the water and vinegar lathers and do not let it soak for more than 5 or 6 minutes.
  • An aggressive method for cleaning urine is to use an enzyme cleaner. It does not cost as much as paying for a professional but it will cost more than vinegar and water. A good enzyme cleaner will take care of the smell and get rid of the stains. It is always good to test a small area of ​​the item that is being cleaned before applying the solution to the entire area.
  • The best protection that can be used to avoid urine in a carpet is to have hardwood floors. If the home is not already equipped with hardwood floors, it may take a few dollars to get it done but it will save the owner much trouble in the end. The floors will also look beautiful. The best protection for mattresses is to use waterproof mattress pads and a good mattress cover. That way if any accidents happen during the night, the pad and the cover will prevent the urine from soaking into the mattress.


16 Green Ways to Recycle Old Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Most memory foam mattress toppers have a lifespan of only 5 years. After that the foam loses the ability to regain shape and gradually start to sag. A lot of people change mattress topper after this period, that means there is quite a bit of waste out there. Instead of increasing your carbon foot prints what can you do something more eco-friendly? The most opted option is to recycle the foam as it can be 100% recycled. Some manufactures also take used toppers, so that’s another way.

But instead of just throwing them away I have some unique ideas that will convert your old memory foam mattress topper into something completely new and eco-friendly.

1. Stuffing for toys

Why not? They make an excellent stuffing material for toys. Cut them into small pieces and use them to stuff toys for your kids. Also you can make toys out of them and even sell on eBay or Etsy!

2. Bean bags

A bean bag can be made more comfortable by filling half of it with pieces of memory foam. Or you can sew a new bag and fill it completely with foam pieces, this will give quite a decoration for your living room.

3. Donate

Donate them to the homeless or shelter homes. Many of them do not have enough beds to accommodate homeless people, donating to them would be a good thing you do for the society.

4. Car seat pads

You can cut the foam and use it as padding for car seats. They can also be wrapped in fabric or leather and used as head support.

5. Wheel chair pads

Resize and give them to a person on wheel chair. They can be used as padding and help the person sit more comfortably.

6. Halloween costume

Your old memory foam topper can come handy during Halloween. A lot of costumes require bulges and this is an excellent choice for that.

7. Cushions for hardwood chairs

Not comfortable sitting on your hardwood chair? Make some cushions out of your ‘to be disposed’ topper.

8. Stuffing for pillows

They can be used to make pillows for your kids and pets. Cut them into small pieces and stuff them inside the pillow.

9. Dishwashing sponges

We use hundreds of sponges a year. Why not cut your topper into square pieces and use them as dishwashing sponges. That is a lot better than just throwing them away.

10. Sell on Craigslist

OK, this is not a DIY project. But definitely I have seen people selling and buying old mattress toppers on Craigslist, may be for their own DIY projects.

11. Floor cushions

Cut them into large square pieces and cover them with decorative fabrics. They will make great floor cushions.

12. Pet bed

I wonder why people often forget this. This is an excellent idea to reuse your old topper. Cut it and make a bed for your lovely pet. Cover it with a waterproof cover, the foam doesn’t go well with pee.

13. Headboard

It is an excellent material to be used as padding for a headboard. If you were longing for a headboard for your bed then this is the right time to get one.

14. Use as an outdoor day bed

Use it on a day bed in your garden or patio.

15. Packing, moving material

They can be used to keep things intact while packing and moving. Vacuum storage bags are a good way to keep them stored till needed.

16. Gardening knee cushion

Gardening is an excellent hobby but all that sowing and weeding can be a little tough on your knees. Your old topper will be an excellent choice to make a home-made knee cushion.


Sleep Your Way to Good Health

Massachusetts, without doubt, enjoys an optimum number of resident mattress shops that offer the best of mattresses, furniture, frames and futons in the state. No matter where you might go looking for mattresses in MA, you will be offered only the finest quality of products. Mattresses in MA is specifically designed and manufactured keeping the utmost comfort of its citizens in mind.

Manufacturers of mattresses in MA understand that sleep is a very integral part of a healthy daily routine for all. A good sleep goes a long way in helping to make a person feel physically fit and happy. But a good sleep is not possible without a good, soft and well designed mattress.

For the citizens of Massachusetts, bringing home a mattress or a bed to decorate their bedroom is an easy task, thanks to the wide range of options that are available for them. Many of the stores also offer free home delivery which is extremely beneficial for those who purchase large bedroom sets and furniture.

Mattresses in MA

The number of different types of mattresses available in MA is simply mind blowing. You can browse through the mattresses pamphlet offered in most stores to get an idea about the various types of mattresses available and choose one that is absolutely suited to your requirements.

Some of the main types of mattresses available in Massachusetts include:

– Simmons Beautyrest Classic Mattress
– Gold Bond Lancaster Mattress
– Englander Prestige Mattress
– Gold Bond Hotel Contract Mattress
– Gold Bond Yarmouth Mattress
– Englander Lenox Firm Mattress
– Sleep Master Euro Top Mattress
– Medium Firm Mattress

-Simmons Beautyrest World Class Plush Firm Mattress
– Simmons Beautyrest World Class Super Pillow Top Mattress

Each type of mattress available in MA is specifically designed to meet the distinct requirements of varied people. They are comfortable, luxurious and cost effective.

Beds in Massachusetts

There are a large number of options available for lodging in Massachusetts while looking for beds to purchase. The wide varieties of options available are an absolutely amazing mix of colors, designs, comfort and cost. Some of the most commonly preferred or in demand styles of beds in Massachusetts include:

– Tuscany Platform
– Retro Platform Bed
– New Yorker Platform
– Domain Platform Bed
– Tilbury Platform Bed
– Riviera Platform Bed
– Coronado Platform Bed
– Soho Platform Bed
– Twin Metal Bunk Bed
– Santa Barbara Platform
– Montego Platform Bed
– Wilshire Platform Bed
– Metro Platform Bed
– Cottage Platform Bed
– Pacifica Platform Bed
– Yorkshire Platform Bed

These names are only the tip of the ice berg. With so many options available, it is no wonder that people feel more than a little confused for choice while searching for mattresses in MA.


A Safe Solution For Restful Sleep

It’s often the case that no area of your daily life needs more attention than creating a safe refuge for restful, revitalizing sleep. In lifestyles where we regularly depend on the fast pace of our lives to accomplish all our daily tasks, it can be easy to over look our body’s need for deep and restful sleep. Current studies certainly prove this is most often the case. It can be of great benefit to you and your family to make positive changes in the perception of natural sleep.

Surveys have shown that between 40 and 60 percent of the general population regularly has trouble sleeping. It seems that we sometimes assume that a poor night’s sleep goes hand in hand with daily stress and worries, pressure from job and family obligations and the aches and pains that accompany aging. However, a solid night of sleep is critical for our overall health and well-being. We just can’t put our best foot forward when a poor mattress robs us of the quality sleep we require.

Natural sleep refers to the rhythm of sleep habits that enhance the rest and relaxation that you carry forward into your daily life. Sleep creates a reservoir of recovery from daily stress that we draw upon during our waking hours. When this reservoir is deep and clear with powerful and refreshing energy, we bring the best of ourselves into our work and all our relationships.

A natural latex mattress provides the most comfortable possible sleeping environment, by providing unbelievable support for your body weight and contours. A natural latex mattress is generally a simple configuration that bypasses the concerns that have developed as the result of the widespread use of chemical fire-retardants in many conventional innerspring mattresses. Current labeling does not require labeling that lists chemicals contained in the ticking of the innerspring mattress.

Pollution, in all its forms, has become a justifiable concern in our modern life. Studies have shown that our indoor air is often 3-5 times more polluted in than the air outside. Often it is the very chemicals we use to clean that contribute to air quality problems inside the home. In addition, most bedding and mattresses are treated with a variety of chemicals. Most conventional innerspring mattresses contain chemical fire-retardants and formaldehyde is commonly used to create wrinkle free sheets.

Certainly chemicals have provided tremendous improvements in our health and quality of life, but the proximity of harsh or toxic chemicals while you are sleeping is best to avoid. The popularity of the latex mattress, using natural materials in the cover instead of chemical fire-retardants, should come as no surprise. When we consider that a full third of our life is spent in the bedroom, it makes sense to choose the most careful approach in creating a safe refuge that is as chemical and toxin free as possible.

To upgrade your existing mattress and to provide a barrier from any possible chemicals, consider the purchase of a natural latex topper of 2″ or 3″. A latex topper is also a great introduction to the unsurpassed sleep comfort of latex foam, nature’s finest sleep surface.

The other important components for safe sleeping are chemical free sheets, blankets and pillows. The best materials are free of synthetic dyes, bleaches and wrinkle proofing treatments. Organic cotton and wool are great choices, and can easily found on-line. Natural pillows filled with buckwheat, natural latex and cotton or wool provide safe sleep comfort free of chemical and dust mites.

Be aware of the changes in your life that can signal the need for a new mattress or indicate that your sleep habits can be improved such as deep fatigue during yours hours at work, general irritability, weight gain or loss and general lethargy. If you are waking up uncomfortable or tired, it’s time for a new mattress. Provide your body with the rest and recovery it needs, you’ll find benefits in every area of your life.


What Are The Different Mattress Measurements?

Many people simply focus on the manufacturer and the soft or hardness they are looking for when choosing a mattress. What is often overlooked are the measurements of the different mattresses. You need to consider before choosing the right mattress for you and your partner is the length and width. These measurements account for movement during the night, the size of the people sleeping and the length of the people sleeping. The last thing you want is to get your mattress home and sleep with your feet hanging off the end each and every night.

The measurements of the USA mattresses are as follows:

o Twin Size: 39 "wide X 75" long

o Long Twin Size: 39 "wide X 80" long

o Double / Full: 54 "wide X 75" long

o Queen Size: 60 "wide X 80" long

o California King Size: 72 "wide X 84" long

o King Size: 78 "wide X 80" long

These are the standard measurements for mattresses of all brands and manufacturers. You will find that by simply knowing this information your success in purchasing a high quality and most importantly comfortable mattress will increase.

With so many different factors to consider when buying a mattress it can be easy to neglect the measurements and it is important to remember that these measurements are not only important for your sleep comfort but for your room as well. Someone with a small bedroom should not be investing in a king size bed that will take up every inch of space, just as someone else with a large room should consider a larger bed than a twin. These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration before a mattress is purchased.

Mattress measurements have retained the same for many years now so once you know them, you can use this information to your advantage for life. Again, it may seem pretty simple, but you never know when this kind of information is going to come in handy!


Diego Maradona Football Boots

German sportswear company Puma have released a football boot in honour of the football legend Diego Maradona.

The new King Diego Finale football boots represent two exciting events in one for German brand Puma;

Firstly, these new football boots represent the next generation in their historic ‘Puma King’ brand. Following up on the successful Puma King XL, the Puma King Finale brings a soft, full-grain leather upper and a high density external silicon heel counter to the range made famous by the feet of Eusebio and Pele.

Rather than choosing a modern star to showcase this gorgeous new piece of footwear, Puma have released the boot with Argentine Legend Diego Maradona at the head of it’s campaign, and released these special edition King Diego Finale’s as part of the World Cup winner’s 50th birthday celebrations.

These strictly-limited Puma King Diego Finale’s are all about adding sumptuous detailing to the King Finale template; the first of note is the exclusive colourway – Puma have dubbed it White/Midnight Navy/Crystal Blue/Gold, but there is no doubt that the colours featured are based on the famous La Albiceleste of the Argentina National strip.

Puma have also taken full advantage of the increase tongue size adorning it with a laurel wreath with Maradona’s name and number in white and gold.

The great man’s signature in also embossed in gold on the side of the boot, just up from the awesome retro leather-effect heel counter which gives the look of an additional strip of leather being pinned to the boot with a crown ‘pin’ holding it in place.

Diego Maradona is widely regarded amongst the best, if not the best footballer of all time. Hero worshipped in his home country of Argentina and globally, only Pel is considered an alternative as the greatest of all time.

Maradona extended his involvement with the national team in 2010, when he managed Argentina in the World Cup finals in South Africa. Despite a promising start to the campaign, Maradona was unable to guide his side to the same heights as he experienced when he lifted the World Cup in 1986. Maradona was the undoubted star of the tournament, not only for lifting the trophy, but also for the “Hand of God” incident.

The King Diego Finale football boots are a fitting tribute to the superstar from Argentina.


How to Remove Cat Urine Odor Using a Free Homemade Recipe

Last year we purchased a home that been soiled by the previous owners’ cat.

We thought that having the carpets professionally cleaned would take care of it

but it just made the problem worse.

After using several well-advertised and expensive cat urine removal products that

didn’t work, I was searching on the web for a solution and found a homemade

remedy that uses three simple household products. Desperate I tried it and

wouldn’t you know it – it worked!

So well that I had to find out why and researched the chemistry and origins of the

recipe. I found out it was developed originally by a chemist for neutralizing the

proteins in skunk odor, which are the same proteins found in cat urine and give it

it’s horrible smell!

Cat urine is not much different from any other urine, be it human or other animals.

It is made up urea, creatinine, uric acid, sodium and other electrolytes. When cat

urine dries the urea gets broken down by bacteria which gives it that distinctive

ammonia smell. As it decomposes further it releases thiols which make the cat

urine odor worse yet.

The recipe works because the reaction of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

produces large amount of oxygen. The oxygen molecules bond to the thiols,

breaking them up into carbon dioxide and ammonia, that evaporates quickly

thereby effectively neutralizing the thoils and their foul-smelling odor.


  • 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid soap

Gently mix all ingredients in a non-metal container. Do not mix or shake


The mixture is best used when fresh but can be stored. Do not keep mixture in an

airtight container as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide when mixed together

release loads of oxygen. We don’t want an explosion on our hands on top of the

mess we already have!

I mix and keep mine in a large spray bottle I bought from Home Depot but on old

plastic liter soda bottle works just a well. Just remember to keep the cap on


3% hydrogen peroxide can be bought at most grocery and drug stores in pint

and quart bottles.

A word of caution:

Surfaces that are porous may swell e.g. drywall, wood flooring, particle board,

etc. with application of this recipe. But if your surface is already ruined by cat

urine and you want to get rid of the odor until you can replace it – give it a try.

Always test for color-fastness when using first. Apply to a small area and wait

24-48 hours until dry before using on an entire area. Hydrogen peroxide is a

bleaching agent in stronger concentrations (think teeth whiteners) and can lighten

materials that are not color-fast.


Camper Shells – Are They Right For Your Rig?

Ah, the pickup truck. That open payload in the rear gives you the freedom to haul everything from bricks to gravel to your convertible bed. But, that open payload also leaves your gear and furniture exposed to the elements and the sticky fingers of parking lot bandits.

A lot of truck owners opt to install a camper shell because they want to safeguard their stuff from Mother Nature’s wrath and good-for-nothing crooks. However, this cuts down on their pickups’ versatility. You can’t exactly pack a full-size reproduction of the statue, Laocoon and His Sons, into your payload when it’s sporting a truck cap. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to camper shells, so consider these pros and cons before you make the investment.


Protection: Hands down – camper shells give you the most protection against nasty weather and parking lot Vikings. Because they’re lined with an insulated seal, rain water and slushy sleet should not be able to infiltrate your truck bed. And, the lockable latches on their access doors stop all but the most determined burglars from burgling your valuables.

Better MPGs: Camper shells improve your truck’s aerodynamics and can improve your fuel economy. You may not have known this, but your open payload is killing your MPGs. When air flows over your cockpit, it spills into your bed, hits your tailgate and creates drag. With a camper shell in place, air breezes smoothly across the roof instead of smacking into the back.


Less carrying capacity: Your truck bed is always constrained by its length and its width, but it also becomes constrained by height when you add a camper shell. Instead of having open skies overhead, there will be a fiberglass roof limiting the cargo that’ll fit. Because of a shell’s bulky size, lifting it on and off every time you’ve got a couch to move is just not practical, especially in impromptu moving situations like when you stumble across a free mattress in an alley. Of course, there are truck cap racks available to give you more room up top.

Extra weight: Don’t let the word “shell” trick you – camper shells are hardly as dainty as an egg. These sturdy truck caps are constructed from layers of fiberglass, and they weigh in at around 100 pounds. That kind of extra weight over the rear of your ride puts added stress on your shocks. Plus, it can cut into the fuel savings that come from the improved aerodynamics.

Choosing to get a truck is no small matter. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully before you shell out the big bucks for a shell.


Bugaboo Review – The Cameleon Summarised

The Bugaboo Cameleon has to be one of the most stylish and in demand pram / pushchairs available today. We purchased ours nearly two years ago and it's still going strong. We've changed the canopy three times from orange, to ivory to Denim Blue 007, so I feel like we've had three different Bugaboos'. The latter adds add fun element to the Bugaboo – you and your child do not get board!

The pram version is great, very solid and secure. It comes with a mattress – which seems very comfortable and always ensured my son slept well as a baby if we were out and about. The unit is easy to clip on and off the frame (once you know where to push) .The hood is easy to push up and down, although it is limited in how far it covers your baby, so the sun can shine in on their face . I bought a Bugaboo sun umbrella. It's not great to be honest and most of the time, I had to hold it at an angle over my child as the spring device is very rigid and does not stay where you want it to. A sunshade canopy is available. I also bought that, but did not use it, as it covers the hood opening so I could not see my child. (It's a silver thick mesh).

The Bugaboo is not light by any means; however this is the trade off for purchasing a design which boasts stability and ergonomic design. Having used a Maclaren on a recent trip abroad, the weight of the Bugaboo was definitely highlighted. I bought a travel case for the Bugaboo, but it was so difficult to dismountle and fit the Bugaboo unit in, that I got up and bought a Maclaren to take on the plane. However, the weight is due to the Bugaboo's stability and safety design, which for everyday use is so important. I never worry that my child is not comfortable or supported well.

The Bugaboo rain-cover fits very tightly – it actually makes it quite difficult to get on and off, as you really have to pull it. Once on though, it's great. It even has an air-window, ensuring ventilation for your little one. Once your child moves into the pushchair position, the fitting of the rain-cover becomes a little trickier. I find if I put the seat in the horizontal position, it's easier to pull on and off. My child is not always keen on this though.

The basket underneath the Bugaboo is great; very strong. I used to use to put food shopping in and was always amazing at how much it traveled. I probably should not have loaded it as much as I did, but it made life easier for me and always seemed strong enough to take. It's hidden out of the way, so your child is not bothered by it – a great addition.

The Bugaboo has fantastic steering. Its wheels make is so easy to navigate around other shoppers and obstacles which might be in your way. I whiz around the shops with little effort. The front wheels turn 360 and it's this design which makes life easy for the parent. The 4WD element is difficult to use if you are not in snow or sand, so do not use it unless you are in these conditions. Basically, you can flip the handle-bars so the big wheels are at the front. These wheels do not move and are supposedly to give better grip on a non-smooth surface. However, I did use this option in the recent snow and found it did not really help. It seemed a lot heavier to push.

On that note, you will find a difference in weight allocation once you have your child in the pushchair unit, front facing. I left the front facing option until my baby was around one as we always used to play, clapping games etc when he was facing me. However, once he started trying to look behind him, I turned the seat around. It feels very strange as there seems to be a huge void between the seat back and your legs. This may sound like an odd comment, but it means it's heavier to push. If you have your child facing you (as a toddler – if it's very windy etc you may want them facing you so they do not get a chill), you will certainly feel the difference.

The brake is on the right side of the Bugaboo and is a clip-switch which you pull and push, once you have pushed a button in. You can still push the Bugaboo when the brake is on, however the wheels are locked and so it is difficult. I do wish they had put it on the handle-bars though; as our child soon worked out how to use it (when he was sat facing me) and found it great fun to pull the brake on while we were out.

The handle-bar is soft to use and has a comfortable grip. It is adjustable in height, which is great. The Bugaboo overall is at a great height; not too high that you worry about stability, but low enough for your child to climb in and out of – which they will love doing once they start to walk.

The Bugaboo is expensive, but having spoken to friends who bought Mamas and Papas and The Quinny, I'm really glad we went for it. It's sturdy, easy to use, has great fabrics and absolutely I always think my child is safe in it. The Quinny does not have such great steerage and the Mamas and Papas are not as well made. (My friend's one fell apart!) Definitely a good buy and you'll definitely get your money's worth if you have more than one child (remember you can change the color of the canopy).


i-Ped Bike Review – What Makes It So Popular?

The All New i-Ped Bike

A really popular foldable bike to enjoy is the i-Ped bike. Like many other kinds of folding bicycles, this one can also be taken just about anywhere. It is especially designed for users to easily carry or ride to any place.

People who wish to own one but have limited storage space in the house can benefit from this innovative product. Since it is foldable, any user can easily place it into corners, under the table, or even inside the room. No more problems when it comes to parking or keeping your bike while not in use.

If you are staying in a condominium, apartment, dormitory, studio flats, or any other first-class properties, the i-Ped bike is best for you. You can quickly and easily fold and carry it inside your unit after a day’s use.

Leaving it outside or parking it in an open space is no longer necessary. Now you can have a safe and secure storage area. By bringing it inside the room, you can keep it safe from harm or thief. This is one of the biggest benefits you can get from getting a foldable bicycle.

The trouble with storage space is obviously cancelled with the i-Ped bike. Now, you need to deal with the transportation – another concern which most people have. This innovative product allows you to commute to work, convenient store, coffee shop, or anywhere in town.

Visiting the park or your neighbor’s house is no longer a problem. So, obviously, an i-Ped user can get rid of the difficulty in meeting your needs when it comes to storage space and transportation.

To achieve convenience and comfort as I have discussed in the earlier paragraphs, all you need to do is to fold up the bike whenever it’s not in use.

Also, if you want to bring it with you during vacation or short visit to somewhere, you can easily place is in your car’s trunk. It is ultimately foldable, so there’s no problem when you want to bring it for your weekend outdoor adventures.

The i-Ped bike is hassle-free, unlike other foldable bikes, this one is modified making it easier for you to fold and unfold.

Moreover, the performance is enhanced despite the easier foldable function integrated into it. The total function of this new product of technology is more improved to further meet the needs of users.

When you buy an i-Ped bike, you will also have the bag which can be conveniently used for it’s storage. It is built with aluminum wheels with chrome spokes, steel fender, and hand-controlled front and rear brakes.

It has amazing features of the Kenda 26-inch tires and 6-speed Shimano gear component. It also includes a hand bell ringer, luggage rack, kick stand, and reflectors for safety purposes. The manual or guide on how to fold and unfold the bike properly is also included in the package.


How to Prevent Bed Bug Bites Using a Bed Bug Proof Mattress and Sprays

Everybody who travels should know how to prevent bed bug bites. Ideally, you’d never want to be exposed to them at all, but we don’t always live in an ideal world, so anytime you’re anywhere you’ve even have the slightest suspicion that there might be bed bugs, at home or at hotel, then you need to take precautions to ensure you don’t get bitten.

Bed bugs are small brown insects that feed on the blood of warm blooded mammals. They are similar in that respect to ticks, fleas and lice. Unlike ticks, they don’t generally attach themselves to you and follow you around. Unlike fleas and lice, they’re not designed to move easily through hair, so they don’t stay with you. They do, however, bite.

The bite itself is generally painless and, for the most part harmless. In this respect, you can think of it like a mosquito bite. Unfortunately, exactly like a mosquito bite, they tend to irritate human flesh. Which is a fancy way of saying that their bites itch.

They also tend to stay in crevices, folds, and seams, which makes them both hard to see and hard to find. This is one of the things that has helped them spread, because people don’t realize that they have gotten into their luggage. This is one of the main reasons that bed bug infestations have reached an epidemic level.

One of the easiest ways to prevent you from getting bitten is to use a bed bug proof mattress cover. These mattress covers are specifically designed to keep bed bugs sealed in and are designed to be bite proof. These are a very good idea if you spend much time traveling.

The covers only work if they’re used correctly. Which is to say they need to seal the entire mattress completely, making certain not leave the zippers open. You also need to make sure they between uses you have them treated to kill the bed bugs.

This means you either need to wash them in very hot water, or you need to have them spend time in the freezer between uses. Either heat or cold will kill any bedbugs. You also need to make sure you keep the mattress cover sealed in a plastic bag between use and washing, otherwise you might have unwanted guests.

There are also sprays that you can purchase that will keep bed bugs off of you while you sleep, and if you think you’re going to be in a position where you might get bit but can’t have a mattress cover, then this might be an option for you.

You’ll need to choose a spray that won’t irritate your skin, and one that actually works, and both of those are beyond the scope of one article, but I am, absolutely sure that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

The best way to prevent bed bug bites to never let them have the chance to begin with. But since you might have no choice, I thought you’d want to know how to prevent bed bug bites.


How To Get More Mileage Out of Your Old Mattress

I like a firm mattress, but the other day I noticed that my back would hurt a little in the mornings and sometimes my legs. Even though I like the strong support of a firm mattress, if I lay in the same position too long, it would cause body aches.

You would think the obvious solution would be to go looking for a new mattress, right? Wrong! Who wants to spend more money and replace a perfectly good mattress set? Why not examine the problem closer and see if we can come up with a solution.

I was shopping and noticed some memory foam pillows and a queen size 1 inch inch thick memory foam pad. This could have the solution to all my problems. I have been having neck problems anyway, and even had to go to the doctor.

He said to be sure to keep the neck straight, because a crook in the neck can cause strains. The pain was pretty bad.

I am taking teatments now to fix the problem, while at the same time trying to prevent it from coming again.

So I opted for the memory foam. At first I surprised if I should get a thicker piece, like 4 inches thick. But I remembered that if you go too thick you sink in a lot and have trouble turning over, because you're rolling out of a hole.

This is the biggest complaint, I ever hear about memory foam mattresses when I was a mattress salesman. So I opted for the 1 inch inch size with two traditional shaped memory foam pillows. The total cost was $ 115 at a well-known department store.

Not a bad price for fixing a health issue. Sometimes just a little adjustment can go a long way to solving complex problems.

My assumptions were correct. The memory foam pillows kept my neck straight and the memory foam pad added just the right amount of padding to give me comfort, remove the body aches and still maintain a firm feel that I like.

You may want to consider this approach instead of buying a new mattress set. What I did was take my firm mattress and upgrade it to a modest plush mattress. The pad has its own washable cover and I placed it under the fitted sheet, which holds it in place.

I was so happy with the feel and performance of the memory pad and pillows and I know it was a very cost effective way to solve my problem.

You will find memory foam used by many manufacturers for some of the padding layers in modern mattresses.

Memory foam is a quality foam that returns to its original shape and should last a good long time, so solving your problem well into the future.

Perhaps you could get 25% more life out of your old mattress this way without sacrificing comfort.


Dreams Can Be Realized With A Tempurpedic Mattress

Nothing can support you as firmly as a Tempurpedic mattress. Imagine a night spent without endless tossing and turning to find a comfortable position! Sleep dreams can be realized with a Tempurpedic mattress.

The most immediate difference between a Tempurpedic mattress and its competitors is the lack of bulky padding and springs. Tempurpedic mattresses are totally a breed apart. Tempurpedic mattresses were actually developed based on technology first developed by NASA. Space travel and the mattress industry may not seem natural partners, but the technology NASA was seeking to develop to reduce the effects of G-force pressure on their astronauts is the same goal Tempurpedic mattress makers had for their beds: to relieve pressure.

A Tempurpedic mattress works to relieve pain and stiffness by evenly distributing pressure throughout the body. It offers great support for your spine and joints. Instead of bedsprings pushing against you, you feel cradled in the perfect position, almost weightless. There is no stress on your muscles and joints as there can be with traditional mattresses, especially one which sags. You may even find yourself not moving the entire night. As a result, Tempurpedic mattresses are perfect for those who suffer from restless leg syndrome or painful conditions like arthritis. Nothing makes you awaken more rested than a night on a tempurpedic mattress.

If you have trouble sleeping, wake up feeling tired from rolling constantly or are stiff and pained, it is probably the result of a poor mattress. A Tempurpedic mattress really can make a difference in how you sleep and how you feel.


Why High Quality Memory Foam Really Matters

Since the beginning of the memory foam mattress boom started by Tempurpedic, many manufacturers of memory foam mattresses and products emerged all across the globe as we display at the Memory Foam Network website. However, in regards to memory foam, all brands are not created equal. Some charge just about the same price for much lower quality materials, as well as some that simply choose to charge less for readily made mattresses. What makes these memory foam mattresses so cheap? We will help explain that in this article.

First, for companies to compete with high quality memory foam manufacturers, they would obviously have to charge some sort of a discount price in order to sway the potential memory foam mattress owner into veering away from Tempurpedic or other high quality brands. Tempurpedic not only uses high quality materials, but they also use them in abundance. The prices are ab it higher, but in the memory foam world, you get what you pay for … literally. This is because memory foam products are not inexpensive for companies to make. Some of the chemicals companies will use could even be rather harmful to one's health if not looking closely. Such chemicals as formaldehyde go into cheaper mattresses in many cases.

Tempurpedic's materials and process of producing their memory foam has always been highly secretive. As they have most likely already assumed, many companies are trying to duplicate what Tempurpedic has been producing would emerge in order to compete and take business away form the one company who made it all possible.

Many of the 'discount' memory foam mattress manufacturers will keep their costs low by simply purchasing the pre-manufactured materials from overseas and simply assemble the memory foam mattress in their own country in order to sell the mattress at a much cheaper price while being able to stamp a "Made in the USA" or similar label on their product. The problem with buying materials from overseas is that many countries in which the materials are produced do not have the safety regulations that many countries do have. This way they are able to produce products for much cheaper prices.

In many cases, people have already gotten ill from the chemicals or allergies related to the materials producing the cheap memory foam. In addition, the cheaper memory foam in many cases will not hold up nearly as long as a high quality memory foam mattress will. The result is a memory foam mattress that sags in the middle or where the person sleeps and no recourse or warranty. It has been reported that many discount memory foam mattress companies that DO offer warranties do not honor them the way they should. In fact, in some manufacturers' small print it even states that a minimum amount of 'dip' has to occur in order for them to honor the warranty. If there is one thing to remember, it would be to look closely at the quality of the mattress and look into the warranty on the mattress or product.


Memory Foam Mattresses and Recovery Rate – Don’t Sleep In The Pit

Because I sell memory foam mattresses, I keep my eyes open for what consumers have to say about them on the internet. One complaint I’ve seen is that it’s difficult to roll over in a memory foam bed. But then other people say that they have no problems with rolling over.

The people who have this complaint go on to say that their memory foam mattress is like sleeping in a sand pit. The foam is so slow to recover and it won’t support them as they roll. And then again other people say their foam bed is fine. There seems to be a contradiction of opinions about the recovery rate of memory foam. Some people say it’s good and some people say it’s too slow.

So what’s the deal? Can we chalk it up to a difference in personal comfort? Perhaps. Personal comfort has a big roll in how people choose their mattresses, and that’s as it should be because the whole point is for each person to be comfortable. But I think there is something more to the contradiction in opinions.

A Chinese parable describes 9 blind men around an elephant, each holding a different part, and they are trying to tell each other what an elephant IS, based on what they feel. One man describes the trunk of an elephant, another the tail, etc. None of them can agree because they all think an elephant is whatever part they happen to be holding.

Well this is the way it is with memory foam mattresses. The foam industry is a big elephant. Foam comes from all different parts of the world. Each foam maker has their own formula. The foam formulas change over time and each batch of foam is a little different from any other. Kind of like cooking.

So while it is all memory foam, the foam from each manufacturer has subtle differences in firmness, recovery rate, sensitivity to temperature, durability, or breathability.

Some of the differences are good because we don’t all want the same type of bed. For example, some people like softer beds and other people like firm beds. But sometimes it seems the manufacturer just has it wrong. No one wants a mattress that is so soft it’s not supportive. And no one wants to feel like they are sleeping in a pit because the recovery rate of the foam is too slow.

Slow recovery rate can be a pitfall for consumers not accustomed to memory foam beds. If the first bed they try has a recovery rate that’s too slow, then they may say that all memory foam beds are like that, when in fact they are not. There are many memory foam beds with quick recovery rates, almost as fast as latex. These mattresses are very comfortable and allow you to feel supported as you roll over.


Do You Know How to Protect Your Mattress Warranty

Let's talk a little about your mattress warranty. Warranties are from 1 to 20 years in length, usually. The warranty is a good indicator of the quality of the mattress. There is a big difference between a one year mattress and a 20 year mattress in quality, materials and workmanship.

A decent mattress should have at least a 10 year warranty. I would not look at anything below that for adult use or teen of substantial weight. You may just end up replacing it much sooner than you planned. If you look at the best brand names such as Sealy, Serta, Simmons and others, they have some good quality mattresses that come with a 20 year warranty. It is 10 years non-prorated and an additional 10 years prorated.

Non-prorated means that it is a full replacement within the time period for any warranty issues that come up. This means you could use your mattress 9 years and two months and still get a full replacement, if their is covered warranty issue.

Prorated means your replacement credit gets smaller every year until it finally runs out completely. A lot of people seemingly forget about their warranty. This is a mistake and could cost you a lot of money. In the 11th year, you would still get 50% off of a new mattress. See how much money you can save, just being prudent about your warranty?

First, let me tell you a few things you need to do to protect your warranty. Each mattress has a law tag which has a code on it. The code indicates how many years the warranty period lasts. It is illegal for a manufacturer or dealer to remove the law tag. You can remove it without a problem, but you do not want to, because it instantly voids your warranty.

When you purchase your new mattress you get a warranty card which has all the information you need to see what is covered and how. How long the time period and what you need to do to protect your mattress and preserve the warranty. If you mishandle the mattress, you could quickly reduce the life of the mattress and the manufacturer will not take responsibility for your neglect.

First, Do not remove the law tag, as it voids the warranty. Second, you need to have proper support for your mattress, an approved frame. If you have a queen size mattress or larger, you are required to have center support. Without this support your mattress will deteriorate quickly. Some manufacturers are now requiring even a full size mattress set to have center support. Be sure to read the warranty card to get all the information.

Thirdly, it is important to cover your new mattress with a quality mattress cover, because if you get any kind of stain on the mattress, it voids the mattress warranty also. This is mandated by law because of disease control. They do not want anyone transporting and handling old mattresses with blood stains etc. It is a public health issue.

It is not uncommon for problems to crop up with even a quality mattress that is covered by the warranty. So, it is money in your pocket if you protect your warranty. The warranty states that if you have body impressions exceeding 1 3/4 ", it is a warranty issue and you are entitled to a replacement mattress. a modest price, but certainly hundreds of dollars less than just having to purchase a new one.

I have seen many people pay the price for their neglect. So do not make this mistake. It just takes a little time in the beginning to take the proper steps to protect your investment and get your monies worth on your investment.

Of course you want to protect yourself too, by choosing a good retailer with a reputation of serving their customers and honoring the warranty. If you have a problem with your retailer, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer to get the mattress inspected. If you get approved, you will be given a letter of credit which you can take to any dealer of that manufacturer and get your new mattress set.

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Why Choosing the Right Mattresses is Important For Your Health

Buying a new mattress is always very exciting and a lot of people tend to get a little too overexcited and end up buying something that’s not appropriate. When you’re choosing a mattress, you need to think of your health. Back pain is a real problem in both the USA and the UK and therefore it’s important to ensure that you get a mattress that’s going to support you properly. Mattresses are widely available so you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you need.

Most of the time, mattresses are chosen depending on their support and comfort factors. Memory foam mattresses are very popular at the moment because they’re so comfortable as well as offering a lot of support for your joints and of course your back. However, memory foam pillows don’t seem to have caught on as much and this is strange because your neck needs to be supported as well.

When you’re choosing mattresses, you need to think about the whole bed as a package rather than buying one and then thinking about the other. Beds and mattresses are designed to work together and it’s not necessarily the best option to buy the mattress that comes with the bed frame.

Bed frames can be hard and sometimes a bit too hard and this means the mattress that you buy will need to work harder to support you. Soft slats are ideal in bed frames because they allow the mattress to give underneath you and this provide a lot more support than a rigid frame.

Take your time when you’re choosing a mattress and make sure that you understand the differences between the main brands. There are a few things you should consider. Comfort is one and support is the other – don’t be tempted to buy a mattress that’s too soft or too hard because this can cause problems for your back.

Your spine and neck should be aligned so consider buying memory foam pillows as well as mattresses to keep your back in the right position while you sleep. Seriously, it’ll do you a lot of good to take your time when choosing something like this – after all, we spend a third of our lives in bed – that’s a long time!


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