How To Buy Tempurpedic Mattress

Tempurpedic Mattresses are one of the best quality mattresses available on the market. They are not cheap but in my view, worth every cent. Most people looking to buy tempurpedic mattress do not have an idea of what to look for when buying. This article will attempt to address that problem.

There are two things you should be aware of before buying a tempurpedic mattress. They are foam density and ILD (Indention Load Deflection).

Memory Foam Density

Memory foam density is simply how much one cubic foot of memory foam weigh. Most tempurpedic mattress has a memory foam density of 5 lb. The problem with that is some people feel 5 lb foam density is too tough and firm, so other mattresses are introduced offering 4lb and even 3 lb density.

I would highly recommend buying a 4 lb density tempurpedic mattress as any lower than that is too soft and will not last very long. A 4 lb or 5 lb memory foam mattress can be expect to last up to 10 years and maybe even longer.

In fact, tempurpedic offers a 10 year warranty for all tempurpedic products. That goes to show how confident they are in their products.Recently, there has been word of even a 7 lb and 8 lb tempurpedic mattress though it is still experimental and not yet on the market.

Indentation Load Deflection

Indentation Load Deflection of ILD is an indication of the firmness of the memory foam product. In simple terms, it uses a measuring scale from 1 to 20. 1 being soft and 20 being firm. Most tempurpedic mattress has an ILD rating of 14 with other brands of mattresses in the ILD range of 8 to 14.

This is an important indication as to the tempurpedic mattress you are buying is genuine or fake. So make sure you ask the seller before buying a tempurpedic mattresses.

It is important you understand these 2 terms before you buy a tempurpedic mattress especially online where there are many sellers selling fake tempurpedic mattress.


Understanding The Benefits Of Gel Mattresses

There was a time when gel cushions were only used for hospital and orthopaedic purposes. You often see gel pads inserted in orthotic shoes to provide comfort to elderly people suffering from arthritis and immobility.

In 1995, several mattresses have been integrated with gel layers to provide comfort to hospital patients. The Intelli-gel mattress, for instance, was used for burn patients. This is also the mattress preferred by institutions and facilities that take care of elderly people.

In mattresses, there is a gel layer placed on top of the constructed mattress. For example, the innerspring bed can be topped with a gel layer on the surface to enhance comfort and support. The gel material is not made up of liquid so you should not worry about fluid leaking from it. It is actually made from flexible materials that give it a gel-like structure.

Today, these mattresses are giving the foam mattresses a run for their money. The following are some of the benefits of using this kind of bed:

1. It has a box-like or a honeycomb structure

It can fit well with any mattress technology including innerspring, memory foam and latex. You can combine this gel structure with your preferred mattress technology.

2. Has a cooling effect

Gel materials have intrinsic cooling effect. It encourages proper circulation of air inside so hot air is reduced and dissipated. Bedridden people will no longer have to suffer from back discomforts due to heat accumulation. This should be combined with your memory foam bed because memory foams tend to collect heat.

3. It adheres to the contours of your body

Gel is pliant and flexible. It can adhere to the contours of your body perfectly. High-density foam mattresses take some time getting used to. Although they also follow the contours of the body, it usually takes a longer time for the bed to provide comfort to your body.

4. It gives your body a mild massage

The honeycomb design of the gel has a mild massaging effect. It gives you relief from pressure sores and aching muscles.

However, the gel construction of the bed is quite prone to the formation of bed bugs and dust mites. You have to clean your gel mattress regularly to avoid this. All in all, this mattress is a good choice. It is also a cheaper alternative to foam mattresses. If you are looking for the same therapeutic comfort that a foam mattress can offer you, the gel bed is a good choice.


A Review of Chattam and Wells Mattresses

A Chattam and Wells mattress occupies the high-end of the market, however with other fine brands to choose from, like Kingsdown, Stearns & Foster and Restonic, you may be wondering if this particular mattress is worth its expensive price tag. Here’s a review of what you can expect and why I believe it’s one of the best mattresses currently on the market.

The company has been making high quality mattresses for many years. Its designs, the materials used and the craftsmanship in manufacture have made sure that its products offer luxurious comfort with an air of romance.

You’ll notice the attention to detail when you first set eyes on a Chattam & Wells mattress. The finish of each mattress is quality through and through. Each comes with metal corner guards and brass vents. Each collection is distinguished by its own stylized regal Crown pattern and the Belgian Damask used is one of the finest in the world. And, you want find any loose threads or sloppy stitching either.

However, it’s what you don’t see that’s even more important. The heart of any innerspring mattress is its coils. Both the Crown and Triple Crown Collection have 12 3/4 gauge, double offset, double tempered steel springs. The better the innerspring mattress the more turns there are in the coils. Most quality manufacturers use coils with 4 to 5 turns; Chattam and Wells mattresses come with 6 turn coils. In addition, the Royal European Collection comes with dual encased inner springs.

The comfort layers are formed from cashmere and multiple layers of button-tufted cotton – what this means is that thick cotton is layered over the springs and is held in place by tying it off and holding it in place with buttons on either side

Finally, some mattresses feature the company’s patented “Portrait Frame,” the absolute state of the art in mattress edge support – comprised of specially designed blocks of high density foam that are inserted in the outer coils. This system gives you more sleep area and a firm edge to sit on.

There’s very little to find fault with these mattresses. If you’re looking for a pure latex, memory foam or air mattress, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. The price may also seem a little on the high-side to many, but I would argue that the mattresses are worth every penny; they’re built using the best materials and have been made to last.

If you want the best mattress – and you want innerspring – then you should definitely consider a Chattam and Wells mattress. They deservedly belong in the same class as other manufacturers like Restonic and Kingsdown mattresses.


King Koil Mattresses – Don’t Buy One Until You Read This

If you’re looking to replace your existing bed mattress but can’t afford a Sealy Posturepedic, don’t think you have to settle for second best. King Koil mattresses may not be as well known as some brands however, they deserve to be. They are cheaper but are just as good, if not better, than their more expensive competitors.

Don’t let anyone tell you that King Koil mattresses are cheap or off-brand. Certainly, they are cheaper than many other, well-known brands but that doesn’t mean they’re any less good. Quite often you get more with a King Koil mattress than you would with a more expensive counterpart. Also, just because the company may be less well-known than some other brands doesn’t mean they’re off-brand; the company has been making mattresses since 1898, longer than most.

If you’re looking for a traditional innerspring mattress that’s still reasonably priced then you should consider what this company has to offer. The company currently offers 3 main collections; the King Koil Spine Support, Perfect Contour and Perfect Contour Extraordinaire.

The Spine Support mattress offers a 3-zone Bonnell innerspring coil unit. The 420 coils are made from the best high-tempered steel. Attached to the spring unit is a layer of 2 1/2″ firm poly foam with an additional layer of 1/2″ memory foam. Unlike more expensive brands this bed mattress does not have to be flipped.

The Perfect Contour offers additional support with its 5-zone coil system. Additionally, each row of coils is then laced to adjoining rows with head-to-toe connecting wires that help prevent motion transfer from one sleep partner to the other. The edging is also excellent, using high-density foam to create a firm edge that helps to extend the total sleeping area of the mattress.

The Perfect Contour Extraordinaire is a step up, offering the buyer more luxurious fabrics and materials. This is the top-of-the-line collection of innerspring mattresses from King Koil. This is a quality bed mattress that’s a fraction of the cost of other brands like the Sealy Posturepedic.

The company also offers a latex mattress and, to my mind, is the best mattress the company makes. You will be hard pressed to find a latex version of this quality at this price.

If you know anything about latex mattresses you’ll know that Talalay is the finest available. Other companies, like Restonic, also offer this type, but few can match King Koil on price. The company’s latex mattress is known as the Natural Elegance collection. Natural is a little bit of a misnomer – I wish the company had chosen a different name – as the mattress is made from both natural and synthetic latex. The natural latex provides the ultimate luxury and support while the synthetic latex gives the mattress durability.

Quite honestly, you can buy better bed mattresses – the Sealy Posturepedic may arguably be better – however, you will not be able to find a mattress that can match King Koil mattresses for quality at such competitive prices.


Mattress Reviews – Serta, Tempurpedic Or Selther?

Which mattress is better, Serta, Tempurpedic or Selther? That depends on your comfort preferences. When it comes to the right mattress, you have to rely on what is comfortable to you and not what other people say are comfortable mattresses. Just use them as your guide in choosing a good one.

Of all the mattresses today, Serta is one of the most popular and highly commended. I fact, some of their mattresses have received commendations and awards from Consumers Digest. They have a full array of mattress choices. You can choose from soft spring mattresses or firm memory foam mattresses.

When it comes to comfort, we can say that they have a shot in this, otherwise, they will not grow to the company they are now. People rely on this brand for comfort and a better kind of sleep. You just need to test the mattress first and see for yourself which fits well to your body contours. As for durability, they also have their fair share of complaints. There are some people that experienced mattress sagging but since they offer a reasonable warranty, this should not be a problem.

Tempurpedic mainly offers memory foam mattresses. Their mattresses are purported to be the best of its kind due to the quality of its construction. The caveat in this is that memory foams do not necessarily mean comfortable. Sure they are supposed to get rid of body aches and pains but until you find the right density, you cannot experience those benefits. However, if you want to rely on a firm mattress with more than 5 pounds of density, this is a good choice. Also, their mattresses can withstand wears and tears.

Selther is the leading mattress brand in Mexico. This company was founded in 1970 in Mexico City. In recent years, they have been exporting their mattresses all over US and some parts of Central America.

Although they are experiencing economic roadblocks these past few months, the comfort of their mattresses cannot be undermined. They provide the comfort and bodily support that consumers need. However, they might not be a good brand right now when it comes to customer service due to these economic problems.

Do yourself a favour and ponder on the things you need in a mattress first. Disregard brand issues first and find out what you really want to see and feel in a mattress. This way, you can better choose the one that will suit best for you.


What is an Insanely Comfortable, Soft Mattress?

Looking for a very comfortable and very soft mattress? There are a lot of these around. Simmons Mattress Company is purported to have the softest and the plushest mattress around. If you have seen that commercial of a bowling bowl dropped on a mattress, it is from this company.

An innerspring mattress is usually softer than other types of mattress like air, latex and especially memory foam (these ones are usually very firm). The more innersprings integrated in the mattress, the softer it gets. This is because the springs integrated are not as thick.

If you want an even softer mattress surface, you can always go for a wool fleece mattress pad. This will complete your craving for an ultra soft mattress. The key there is in the materials used. Pick those that made form soft materials such as fleece, cotton and satin.

You might also want to go for water beds. Since water conforms seamlessly to body contours, it will surely have the softness you want. Another advantage to this mattress is that you can heat it up during winter so it is even more comfortable.

There is a point to ponder on though. While these mattresses may seem like the most comfortable mattress in the world, it is still not a good idea to solely rely on softness for comfort. In fact, most people who purchased a very soft bed could not sleep on it because it triggers the development of back aches.

Your back, especially your upper body needs more support. That means, it requires more mattress firmness on that area. Just a suggestion, instead of purchasing a plush bed, consider your body type and what your body really needs. Soft does not really equate to comfort in the mattress industry.

Opt for those beds with a combination of plushness and firmness just like talalay latex. It is a softer kind of latex mattress. This will give you a balanced firmness and softness. If you want to make it a lot softer as you are used to that kind of bed, you can always place a wool fleece pad on top of it.

This is a point you should consider before you buy a mattress. But whatever you do, make sure that it is really the right mattress that will address your body and sleep concerns. Consider comfort and support above everything else so you will end up with the best mattress.


4 Tricks To Remove Urine From A Mattress

Unfortunately, a urine stained mattress is not an uncommon sight. Young children and pets often have accidents in the most inconvenient places imaginable, and those accidents can leave behind unsightly stains and unsuitable smells.

Urine on a Mattress

Most parents and pet owners have at one time or another been faced with the unseen task of trying to remove urine from a mattress. It's important to keep in mind that actually cleaning the urine stain is important. Since bacteria is found in urine, leaving a stain untreated for an extended period can result in the growth of fungus and mold in the mattress. In some cases, this can completely ruin a mattress.

Tips & Tricks to Remove Urine from a Mattress

While some products sold commercially are designed for removing urine smells from most furniture, there are several household tips and products that can work just as effectively as those expensive sprays and products.

1. Vinegar:

Many parents and pet owners report that vinegar works wonders in removing the smell of urine from a mattress. Pour a moderate amount of vinegar on the soiled area, and absorb excess liquid with a large towel or wet vacuum. Keep in mind that this method is designed to remove the smell and kill bacteria, so spot treating the actual stain will be necessary to lift or fade the urine stain.

2. Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol and other grain alcohol often has the same effect as vinegar. Like vinegar, though, alcohol may not remove the stain, so other methods for stain fighting should be used.

3. Shampoo:

Liquid Laundry Detergent: For new urine stains, many mattress owners have found that simply using detergent or shampoo and a small amount of water will remove the stain. This is often less effective for stains that have set for some period of time, and may not be completely effective in removing the smells.

4. Steam Cleaning:

Whenever possible, consider using a hot steam cleaner on mattresses with urine stains. Used with a cleansing agent, steam cleaning is usually quite effective at removing the physical stain, eliminating the smell of urine, and killing bacteria that may otherwise grow and spread.


Simmons Mattresses Reviews

Simmons is among the big players of mattresses and have been making some of the best mattresses available on the market. Simmons makes a range of mattresses to suit different sleep requirements and at budgets to suit all. Here's a review of the types of mattress that are made by Simmons.

The flag of the company is the Simmons Beautyrest. The company claims that the Beautyrest mattress is the best on the market for motion separation; your partner moves, but you're not disturbed. The secret lies in the Beautyrest Pocket Coil system used by Simmons. Unlike conventional mattresses where the springs are interconnecting, the Pocked Coil springs are tied together at the side of each fabric pocket, so each coil acts independently. Not only do you get pocket coils, you get an awful lot of them; a Simmons Beautyrest mattress comes with 850 pocket springs, compared to the usual 300 springs from other manufacturers. The more pocket coil springs you have, the more you increase motion separation. Also, the Beautyrest mattress comes with 2 rows of heavier gauge pocket coil springs around the edge of the mattress; this helps reduce motion and gives a more comfortable seating edge. Finally, a Simmons Beautyrest mattress comes with an optional Triton foundation, to provide more support.

The price of a Simmons Beautyrest mattress is about mid-range for a good quality mattress. However, the Simmons Beautyrest range goes from mid-range to expensive, depending which type of mattress you buy from the Beautyrest collection. The collection begins with the Beautyrest Classic, which has all the features mentioned above. The next in the collection is the Beautyrest World Class. In addition to the Classic the World Class mattress uses latex foam to provide more comfort – the latex yielding to the exact shape of your body. The Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale comes with an Alternating Pocked Cable Coil System. What this means is that the mattress comes with rows of the pocket coil springs together with rows of Pocket Cable Coil, to provide enhanced motion separation. The Simmons Exceptionale also comes with a high-density foam encased seating edge. The mattress comes with optional features of memory foam or latex. The Simmons Beautyrest World Class Exceptionale mattress is the most expensive in the collection. With this mattress, support is provided by complete layer of plush Pocked Coil springs that sit on top of a layer of firm Pocked Coil springs. Again, memory foam and latex comes as optional features.

If money is no object then you could consider the Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress. This mattress comes with luxurious silk, wool and alpaca comfort layers: true form encasing, generous layers of memory foam and latex; and circular knit fabric with 100% natural Modal Yarn blended with cashmere. The Simmons Beautyrest Black collection consists of the Gabriela, the Edaline, the Helena, the Viola, the Orchid, the Rosalyn, the Hyacinth, the Florence, the Exquisite, the Ophelia, and the Temptation.

For couples, the Simmons Beautyrest mattress is one of the best on the market. But are there any critisms of this mattress? Well, one or two. If you or your partner weighs more than 250 lbs you'll probably need more support than you get with the Simmons Beautyrest – you'll probably need to purchase the base along with the mattress, making it an expensive proposition. Also, there have been complaints from consumers that the Beautyrest World Class mattress is just fine when new but after a time it begins to sag and dip. This sagging is probably due to the use of latex, which does sag over time.

If you're on a budget many mattress reviews recommend the Simmons DeepSleep innerspring line. It does not come with pocket coil springs. Instead the mattress consists of double temped, heavy gauge coils; nonetheless it is a very comfortable mattress. The Simmons DeepSleep mattress is also an excellent choice if you're single or on the heavy side.

Simmons also make a mattress especially for those with back problems; it called the Simmons BackCare mattress. What's different about this mattress is that there is a layer of gel on top, which molds to your body shape, thus relieving pressure points. Simmons call this system the Technogel system. Whether or not the Simmons BackCare mattress will be more popular than the Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress remains to be seen. However, memory foam is something people either love or hate, so for those that hate memory foam but still need a mattress to help with their back problems, the Simmons BackCare mattress may just be the answer.

Simmons have been making top rated mattresses for a long time. Simmons mattresses Do not come cheap but the company makes a large collection of mattresses, each with optional extras, so the chances are a Simmons mattress will provide you with a good night's rest.


Transform Your Lumpy Mattress To A Comfortable Back Pain Mattress

Is your lumpy mattress keeping you wide awake at night? Is it making you groan every time you wake up in the morning because of back pain? It is obviously not doing anything good to your body.

The best thing you can do is to replace it. Get a back pain mattress and dispose your old one. However, back pain mattresses today are quite pricey. If you can’t afford to buy a new one at the moment, you might as well transform your lumpy bed into something more comfortable.

Let me tell you a few steps on how to do that:

1. Turn or rotate your mattress. Make sure the lumpy or the protruding parts do not directly target your lumbar region or your spine. Flipping your bed is more ideal. However, most mattresses today are one-sided so you cannot flip them.

2. If you have a one-sided mattress, try using mattress topper. Buy a good mattress topper with about 2 to 4 inches of thickness. A cheap egg crate topper is actually an ideal choice. Although it is not as sophisticated as memory foam toppers, it provides balanced comfort and support to the whole body. But if you have a bit more money to spare, you can try memory foam or latex toppers.

Place it directly on top of the mattress. Make sure it has the same size. Also check your mattress if it has pre-installed topper inside. Unzip it and remove the topper. Insert the new one. It will surely look and feel like you have just purchased a new bed set.

3. To provide support to the mattress, create a wooden slat that you can place underneath. This will prevent lumps and depressions. It keeps the foam firm and resilient for a longer period of time.

But you would want to use thick slats. Place them vertically on top of the bed frame. Make sure you leave half an inch of space in between the slats. This will provide ventilation to the mattress. It will allow air to pass inside the bed.

4. Place comfortable bed sheets. Using satin or silk bed sheet is actually better because it helps alleviate tension and stress in the body, thereby providing additional relief for back pain. Change your pillow if it has already flattened. Lumpy pillows are also uncomfortable. Place fresh pillowcases and arrange them on your bed.

Your bed set is now as good as new. You can sleep without worrying about back pain problems.


How Do I Get Spilled Coffee Out of My Mattress?

Isn’t it nice to sip steaming hot coffee on your bed on a lazy morning? It is indeed nice until you spilled it on your mattress. This calls to mind an emergency situation.

Unlike clothes, when you spill coffee over it, you can just dump it in your washer. You cannot just do that with your mattress. Also, you cannot just wash the mattress under running water as it is imperative to keep it as dry as possible. Getting it wet can cause mold formation and you do not want that additional mattress problem.

First things first, you should wipe the excess liquid. Use a paper towel or a clean cloth to absorb the moisture inside the bed. Chances are, ants will find its way to your mattress too if you do not clean it immediately.

After that, get put a few teaspoons of baking soda in a cup of white vinegar and mix this with 4 cups of water. This will serve as your cleaning solution. The next thing you should do is to get a clean towel. Soak the towel in this solution and wring out the drippy moisture. It should just be damp enough to wipe on the surface of the stained mattress.

Use the towel and blot out the stained part of the mattress. You can also place it on top of the stained area, give it a bit of rub to help the solution penetrate and clean out the stain. Leave it on top of the mattress for an hour. This should be enough to get rid of the stains.

After an hour, lift the towel off the mattress. If it is still damp, sprinkle baking soda to help dry up excess moisture. Leave it there for 15 minutes. Afterwards, get a vacuum cleaner and clean the area. Leave it in a sunny place to dry completely or direct your electric fan to the moist area.

This should help remove the stains from your mattress. Coffee stain is not too difficult to get rid of if you are using white vinegar. You can even use this cleaning solution to clean your coffee maker if you want. This helps a lot in removing discoloration and other what-nots.

The next time you have a coffee emergency cleaning situation, try this method in cleaning your mattress. It is a no mess and a no fuss way of cleaning. It beats having to stop by at the convenience store to buy cleaning products.


What’s the Best Mattress for Heavy People?

In my 35 years within the mattress industry I have seen mattresses get destroyed by heavy people. Is it their fault? No, it’s the fault of the manufacturers for not making sturdy mattresses to accommodate a larger person. Seems comfort trumps durability in the mattress world so the best mattress for heavy people is one that is rock hard and not comfortable, or is it?

For years the only type of mattress that could hold up to a heavy person was a spring mattress that had extra firm coils and extra firm padding making it unbearable to sleep on. However, the best mattress for heavy people is not made of steel springs nor memory foam, but rather a product of Mother Nature herself, rubber.

Latex foam rubber is made from tree sap (milk) from the rubber trees found mostly in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. Latex mattresses have been around for decades and their durability is legendary. I have personally seen these mattresses exceed 50 years of use. What makes them the best mattress for heavy people is the density of this amazing product. For example, most quality sofa cushions are made using 1.8 lb polyfoam. As you know these cushions usually last between 5 and 10 years before starting to collapse. Just imagine how long a foam that was 2 ½ times heavier would perform in the long haul and you have the reason why latex is so durable.

Ok, so now it’s no secret why latex can outlast any other product but what about the comfort? Does the best mattress for heavy people need to be rock hard like a spring mattress? No, latex mattresses offer BOTH comfort and durability coming in a variety of firmness levels. Some manufacturers even offer different firmness levels for each half of the bed so if a heavy person is partnered with a much lighter person, each can have their own choice. Try getting that from a spring or memory foam bed.

What’s the Best Mattress For Heavy People in Latex Choices?

This is a question I get asked often. Since there are two types of processes for latex, Dunlop and Talalay, each has its own unique properties. Dunlop latex is denser and makes it the most popular choice for back sleepers who are heavy. Talalay latex is less dense and more airy making it a better choice for lighter folks and those who like to sleep on their side. Talalay does come in firmer densities as well and can be tailored for a heavy person who also likes to sleep on their side. The talalay process with be the best option if getting a mattress with different firmnesses fits your needs.

In conclusion let me just say that I am sick and tired of talking to folks who tell me their new mattress only lasted 6 months and now they can’t return it or they can only exchange it for another one of the same model which will do exactly the same thing over and over. Nonsense, save yourself the frustration and just go out and buy the best mattress for heavy people in the first place, a latex mattress.


Memory Foam Mattress Review of Sealy, Serta and Tempur-Pedic

Memory foam was originally invented to protect astronauts from strong G-forces but these days nearly everyone craves for one to sleep on.

There are different types available, which you will be aware of if you have read memory foam mattress reviews. The best way to choose one is to compare as many as possible. Some people might love one and others might hate that one.

Here is a guide to some of the brands which almost every reviewer rates very highly:

Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sealy mattresses have been highly regarded for years and Sealy produces more mattresses than any other bedding company. The SpringFree is pure latex and the Sealy PosturePedic is an orthopedically designed inner-spring type.

The Sealy TrueForm mattress has a high density foam core for durability and support and a top layer of visco memory for comfort. Many reviewers rave about this latest offering from Sealy as being the ultimate in comfort and pricing.

Serta Memory Foam Mattress Review

Serta make comfortable foam mattresses and reviews are nearly always favorable. Alongside companies like Tempur-Pedic, Simmons and Sealy, Serta is known for producing long lasting, high quality products.

The latest offering from Serta is the Perfect Sleeper Plush. It uses continuous coil technology and comes in a variety of sizes. For true luxury, there is the Serta Perfect Sleeper King Size which is plush, huge and extremely comfortable.

Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress Review

Tempur-Pedic were the first company to use visco elastic foam and this company only makes foam mattresses. It is the market leader in the memory bed industry and Tempur-Pedic are comfortable, durable and very popular. Reviewers usually praise Tempur-Pedic mattresses highly.

To choose the right one, you need to consider your budget and think about your own preferences. Also remember that just because one person had a bad mattress experience does not mean that you will.

There are different firmness levels, support levels and comfort levels to choose from and it is important to investigate the facts before investing in one.


Serta Mattress Vs Sterns and Foster – Which Mattress is Better?

If you are looking for that one ideal brand of mattress, you might have come across Serta mattress as well as Sterns and Foster mattress. These are two of the biggest mattress companies today that have been providing various types of beds for the sleep comfort of the public. But to a discerning consumer, it is important to find out which of these two is actually a better choice.

It is easy to side with Serta because compared to the other brand, they are a bigger company. In addition to that, they have quite a number of awards and recognition from popular consumer award giving bodies and they are consistent in providing mattresses in top business facilities. However, it is interesting to note that some mattress companies prefer Sterns and Foster and will highly recommend this as well to anyone asking which a better choice of a mattress is.

The thing is, Serta is a good brand but so is S and F. Both provide very good comfort and support and a wide array of mattress types. Serta probably excels more on their baby mattress line and their innerspring beds. However S and F is really good when it comes to natural foam mattresses such as latex foam mattress. They each excel in a particular niche.

When it comes to choosing a mattress, you should get out of the usual “box”. By that I mean just comparing through mattress brands. When you are buying, you should consider the whole nine yards-the durability of the mattress, the comfort, the size. Since we all have different preferences when it comes to comfort, sticking to what you feel is the right one for you is the best.

It is good to start looking in reliable mattress brands though if you absolutely have no idea where to start. Arguably, Sterns and Foster and Serta are two ideal brands to start looking for the right bed for you. Since they offer various mattresses, you have more options and a bigger chance of finding the perfect mattress for your back.

Maybe an edge of Serta is that they have better consumer service. Not much is said about the customer service of the other brand but when it comes to Serta, they have a full contingent of customer service operators that can help you out when you call for your concerns. But whichever way you go, make sure you are being vigilant in your choices.


How To Get Rid Of The Musty Smell Of An Old Mattress

The musty odor of your old mattress probably keeps you awake every night. You shouldn’t suffer from this problem anymore. There are a lot of home remedies that can effectively deodorize your old bed.

Here are some of the tips you would want to try:

1. If the weather is good and the wind is not high, try drying your mattress outside. The sun’s UV rays always work in removing any kind of musty smell in things. Remove the bed covers and the pillow cases. Let your mattress and your pillows dry under the sun. Place them over a clean platform. Leave your mattress there for at least 4 hours.

After the allotted time, get your mattress and place it back inside. Vacuum all sides of the bed. This should help get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust on the surface of the bed.

2. Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. Get a soft-bristled small brush and scrub the baking soda on the bed. Baking soda can get rid of stains and can also neutralize bad mattress odor. Let it work in deodorizing your bed for an hour or two before vacuuming it off. Vacuum all sides of the mattress to get rid of the baking soda particles.

3. Mix one cup of lemon juice and two cups of warm water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it all over the mattress. Lemon juice effectively dispels the musty odor of mattresses. It also leaves a citrus kind of scent in your bed. Let your mattress dry completely before using it again.

4. If the odor is caused by bacteria, you might want to disinfect your mattress. Try mixing one cup of rubbing alcohol and one cup of water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it all over the bed. Alcohol dries faster. It also works in removing germs and bacteria so your mattress can smell fresh and clean once again.

5. Sprinkle baby powder all over the bed. Just like baking soda, it helps neutralize unwanted odor. Let it work for about an hour before vacuuming it off.

If none of these remedies worked, you can try using the reliable vinegar method. Mix a cup of distilled white vinegar with a cup of warm water. Place it in a spray bottle and spray it all over the mattress. This is also a good remedy for stains.


Is a Box Spring Necessary for the Mattress-Bed?

Do I need a Box Spring for my Mattress? This question comes up at least once during bed shopping for 90% of all people. And for good reason. Box Springs is a multi-million dollar, multi-million tree chopping industry. So in light of the green revolution (re-co-lu-tion?) These days, one can only wonder: is there really a reason for all the senseless killing of defenseless trees just to have an extra foot of wood, fabric, and air underneath your fully functional mattress? As it turns out, the answer is both a resounding no with a hint of yes. The real kicker here is that most modern box springs do not actually have "springs" in them, which basically leaves just the "box" part as a truth. And this is exactly what they are, a wood-framed box covered with fabric. All of the bells, whistles, and 21st century technology go into the mattress part of the bed, which, if you were a well-informed bed shopper, could take on all sorts of exotic construction from innerspring, foam, visco-elastic (memory ) foam, flotation (water), or air.

Since most box springs are hard, mattresses are designed to work perfectly well on just about any firm, hard surface. The floor is one. I've slept on a mattress on the floor for a good 8 years, and I can personally vouch for the undiminished comfort of such a setup. If there is one key argument for box springs, it is that certain touted mattress manufacturers will claim that a box spring can extend the life of a mattress. This statement is true only to the amount of the box spring providing additional spring cushioning, absorbing some of the wear that is normally exhibited onto the mattress itself. These manufacturers typically provide a box spring with their mattress, one that they say is specifically designed to be used with that mattress.

Realistically, from all of the research I have done on this (and with a girlfriend that regularly debates this point with me, I've concluded that share of research), I have concluded that box springs only do two things well, and that is 1. increase the overall height of the bed, and 2. soften the overall firmness of the bed (given that the box spring is not extremely firm). Helping the mattress last longer is a distant, distant, and arguable third. As a person who also cares for a tall bed, nor a soft bed, I found that platform beds are the most stylishly modern, environmentally-friendly pieces of furniture to complement my mattress. You simply do not need a box spring for your mattress / bed.


Stearns And Foster Mattress Reviews

Like all mattress manufacturers, Stearns and Foster changes the names of its collections on a seeming monthly basis. It isn’t the only manufacturer that does this. Many change names, call them completely different names when there is basically no difference between them, and create unique collection names for specific stores. This is done to make it almost impossible for the consumer to compare one against another. So when doing a review of Stearns and Foster mattresses ignore ‘collections’ and concentrate on the basic constituents of the mattress.

First off, a Stearns and Foster mattress is one of the best bed mattresses on the market today. However, with the company offering over 1,200 mattress sets it’s virtually impossible to rate one against another and decide if it is good value for money. So, when shopping, look at the constituents of the mattress and know exactly what you’re paying for.

There are 4 parts to a mattress set. There’s the boxspring (this is discussed later) and the mattress, which consists of Mattress Style, Comfort Layers and Core Support.

Starting from the top of the bed mattress we have the Mattress Style. First there’s the fabric that covers it. The fabric can be many things including, polyester, silk, cashmere, alpaca and silk to name a few. The fabric used can increase the cost significantly, so, if you’re trying to find the best deal, ask yourself if you really need silk; polyester will last just as long as any other, more expensive fabric – no matter what the salesperson tells you.

The main determining factor of the style is what ‘comfort’ surface has been attached to it. There are five finishes; Tight Top, Pillow Top, Euro Pillow Top, Euro Top and Box Top. The Tight Top is a plain bed mattress. A Pillow Top is an added layer of comfort material that’s been attached and has gusseted corners, making it look as though a large flat pillow has been placed on top. A Euro Pillow Top is one with more comfort materials. A Euro Top has the same amount of comfort material but has been attached directly – it looks like a thin mattress has been placed on top of the bed mattress. Finally, The Box top is the same as the Euro Top but is has even more comfort materials.

These various Tops have become quite popular lately. However, there are two things to consider; one, these do increase the cost; two, it is almost guaranteed that these Tops will be the first part of the mattress to wear out and because the are directly attached you’ll have no choice but to replace the whole thing.

If you want to save money and prolong the life of your bed mattress, buy a Tight Top and buy an additional Top. Ones like the Tempurpedic mattress topper is very popular as its memory foam is body conforming and provides excellent comfort and support.

Lastly, the Core Support consists of, among other things, the innersprings. You can rest assured that an S and F comes with the best you can buy.

Now, there’s the question of the boxspring. S and F advises customers to always purchase a new boxspring along with the mattress. It claims the boxspring gives additional support and can prolong the life of the mattress. There are many who disagree. If a Stearns and Foster mattress is the best – as it claims – surely a mattress of this quality, being more than 12″ thick, using the best coil springs should be more than capable of giving you all the support you need.

Companies like to sell boxsprings because it’s additional sales revenue. If you’re a fan, then by all means get one, but if you aren’t or are undecided, forget about it and save yourself a lot of money.

I hope this buying review of a Stearns and Foster mattress has been helpful. The company’s products are excellent; but by knowing what to look for you can save money and make up you own mind if it’s the best bed mattress for you.


Is The Simmons ComforPedic Mattress A Serious Contender For The Tempur-Pedic Mattress?

Time was when buying a Tempur-Pedic mattress mean buying the best memory foam mattress but now other leading manufacturers are producing mattresses that they claim are better. The Simmons ComforPedic mattress collection is one such contender that's trying to knock Tempur off its perch. But just how does it compare?

Tempur-Pedic was the first commercially available memory foam mattress. The company took the research initially done at the NASA space program and perfected a form of viscoelastic that was durable – early viscoelastic foams broke down easily. The Tempur-Pedic mattress was first used in hospitals where its pressure relieving properties were recognized and documented. Soon after, the company released its mattress to the public where it immediately became a favorite. At first the company sold only one model of mattress but now you can chose one from its extensive collection. Models include the OriginalBed, ClassicBed, CelebrityBed, RhapsodyBed and GrandBed.

Simmons is one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the world. It would be fair to say that the memory foam revolution caught it by surprise – as it did with every other manufacturer. To hold on to its market share, the company needed its own brand of memory foam mattress. It got its own brand, the Simmons ComforPedic when it bought out the Comfor-Pedic company. The company now offers the consumer a choice of 5 mattresses, the Original, Nassau, Natural, Mystere and Nuvo.

Is the Simmons ComforPedic as good as the Tempur-Pedic mattress? Well, Simmons tells the consumer that its mattress is not just as good but better. So, is it?

There are rumors that a couple of people left Tempur to go and work for Comfor-Pedic. If this is true it would mean the company would certainly not be lacking in the expertise needed to manufacturer a viscoelastic foam that was as good as Tempur's. Also, the company claims that the mattresses it makes have a few key points that make them better.

Each Simmons mattress uses the company's proprietary viscoelastic foam, which it calls NxG Advanced Memory Foam. It claims that this foam has 2 points that make it superior. The first is that it responds soon to weight and movement. The 'sinking' feeling that many complains about with memory foam has been eliminated. Secondly, the other major problem with memory foam, 'sleeping hot', is not a problem with its mattress because its NxG foam dissipates heat far faster than other brands.

Each mattress also comes with an inner support core of latex foam rather than ordinary high-density foam used in other brands. Using latex helps to give the mattress a 'springy' feel that consumers are used to feeling when sleeping on innerspring mattresses.

Lastly, each mattress comes with its patented Edge Support System. The geometric construction of the firms up the side of the mattress and, the company claims, increases the overall sleeping surface by 20%.

The foam used in the Simmons ComforPedic collection certainly does feel more responsive and 'springy' compare to other brands, including the Tempur-Pedic mattress, and this will certainly appeal to many consumers. Its claim of reducing heat more quickly than other brands is something the company does not seem to offer real proof of. Other brands, including Tempur have introduced a layer of high-density convoluted foam between the inner core and the memory foam top layer – the idea being that air can dissipate more quickly through the 'channels' in the convoluted layer.

However, Simmons does not use a convoluted layer as it claims that its unique foam dissipates heat quicker. The company states that tests have shown that its mattresses dissipate heat at a rate of nearly 3 to 1 compared the leading visco brand. However, what tests and what leading brand remains unclear. All manufacturers make claims about their mattresses sleeping cooler than their competitors and it's really impossible for the consumer to know for sure which mattress actually does sleep cooler.

The Edge Support System is a good selling point. Many people do like a mattress to have a firm edge, so this system will certainly appeal to them.

Many will also like the 'springy' feel of the Simmons ComforPedic. However, since the company stating 'springiness' will not cause any motion transfer – a big selling point of memory foam mattresses – it's inevitable that introducing a little 'springiness' is bound to also introduce a little motion transfer.

If you like a firm edged mattress and like the idea of ​​a memory foam mattress that has more of the feeling of a traditional innerspring mattress, then you'll definitely like the Simmons ComforPedic. However, if you're already a fan of viscoelastic mattresses and like their 'sinking' feeling and total lack of 'springiness', the Tempur-Pedic mattress is the one to consider.


Latex Mattress Bed Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are looking for information on the pros and cons of latex mattresses, you've come to the right place.

My research team has collected data from over 100 latex bed owners, including what the owners like and do not like about the mattresses.


The first and primary advantage of latex mattresses is that they are comfortable. In fact, over 85% of the owners find their bed to be comfortable. By comparison, beds that are primarily made of memory foam, air or water score around 80%, according to our related research. And innerspring mattresses only score about 60%.

In addition, the beds are generally considered durable by their owners. However, there are a few instances of premature sagging. Off gassing and sleeping hot both tend to not be a major issue.


The main disadvantage of latex beds is that they are generally expensive. Expect to pay a couple thousand dollars for a quality latex mattress. It is not clear if prices will come down in the future.

The other disadvantage is that the mattresses do not have much of a track record, at least in the United States. If you've done research online you probably have not found much quality information on latex beds, at least compared to what is available regarding innerspring beds, memory foam beds and air beds.

This means that if you buy a latex mattress, you should consider yourself to be a bit of an early adopter or pioneer since not too many people to date have bought a latex mattress, at least in relation to the other mattress types.


How to Soften Up a Firm Mattress

So you read a ton of mattress reviews, spent ages trying out the mattress models that you were interested in, and took advice from the sales person about how firm your mattress needs to be. When that mattress is delivered though and after you've slipped on it for a number of nights, you find that it's just a bit too firm for you and your partner to get the great night's sleep you were looking for.

If you are in this situation, do not despair, because is still something you can do to make the mattress softer, and get the quality of sleep that you've been trying to achieve.

You've already paid out a good amount of money on your initial purchase, so I'm loated to suggest you spend more, but if your new mattress is too firm, a standard or latex mattress topper will add a whole new level of comfort to the mattress you just bought. Mattress toppers are the same length and width of standard mattresses, but only about one fifth of the depth. They are like slimmed down versions of standard mattresses that are designed to sit on top of your existing mattress. They are very effective at adding an extra layer of comfort, and in some cases are a great alternative to buying a brand new mattress (and they are a much cheaper alternative as well).

'Installing' a mattress topper could not be any simpler; all you need to do is remove all of your bedding so that you can see your box spring and mattress. Place the topper on top of your existing bed and replace the blankets and sheets or duvet. Many toppers fit on to an existing mattress as a fitted sheet would, so there is no worry about it moving or adjusting position.

Once all that is done, you just need to try out your new topper to see if it has had the desired effect. You should notice that sink in to the mattress more, and particularly if it's a memory foam topper, you should feel a whole new level of support and comfort. Mattress toppers do not have to be expensive, and I have noticed that many leading chains have started to stock them (Walmart for example). Although it is an added expense on top of your new mattress, it is only fraction of the cost of buying a second new one in a short space of time.

Getting the right level of firmness when you are buying a mattress can be very difficult, and a lot of people get it wrong. A mattress topper is a quick and relatively cheap way to correct this if your choice proves to be too firm. If I have customers who can not decide which level of firmness to go for, I will always recommend them choose the firmer option, simply because this is such a neat solution if their choice turns out to be too firm – and because the other way round is not as easy to fix!


The Best Times To Buy A New Mattress

There are a few things you learn when you've been in the mattress trade for decades. One of those is that people are a predictable species.

Mattress shopping is more reactionary than planned. There are certain life changes that prompt people into buying a new bed, unfortunately, these moments are often out of sync with the best time to buy a mattress.

So with a little forward thinking it is possible to coordinate the sudden need for a new mattress with the best times of the year to buy one. Think of it as: Mattress Shopping 101 – Working Around the Big Changes

The first thing to do is take a look at your family situation and plan accordingly. People buy new beds as the family grows, love blooms, and also when it fades. Here are a few warning signs that a new bed may be in your near future.

1. If you have little ones in cribs, it's safe to say they'll be in beds one day. Think of when this graduation will come, and start looking for sales early. Plan your mattress shopping excursion around some of the best times of the year listed below.

2. If you have two kids in bunks, that's not going to last forever. Instead of buying as the need arises, and being at the mercy of the moment, pick out a twin and keep it in storage for when big brother makes his move to his own room. Mattresses are not like food. They will not go bad. So it's better to plan ahead.

3. If you're dating, and things are getting serious, it's not uncommon for new lovebirds moving in together to splurge on a new mattress. It may be a bit forward, but investing in a newer, bigger bed early on could make good sense. Also, what better way to test drive it?

4. Conversely, if things are looking rocky, the first thing a couple stops sharing is a bed. While picking out your lawyer, get a new mattress as well. At least you'll rest easy in dark times.

5. Finally, new rooms often demand new furniture. If you have a move in the works, do not wait until you're surrounded in boxes before realizing you need a few extra beds. Plan ahead. You can even get your mattresses delivered to your new home free of charge when the day arrives, as opposed to moving them yourself.

The next step in the process is buying the beds when they're on sale, and keeping them for when the moment arrives. If you do not have the storage available, ask your mattress retailer if it's okay to keep your bed there until you need it delivered. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Here are the best times of year to buy a mattress.

1. Year-End. Around December to January, mattress stores often have Year-End Clearance Sales to get rid of old stock and replace them with new models. There are some fantastic deals to be had, as retailers are anxious to keep their floors up-to-date. If one were to synchronize a major life change with the New Year, it would be the perfect timing to save.

2. Overstocked Sales. Keep an eye on the trucks outside mattress store. If it looks like there's a lot of confusion going on, you can use that to your advantage. Sometimes mattress retailers order too much stock, and the overflow in the stores necessitates an Overstocked or Truckload Sale to move the abundant inventory quickly. These usually happen in the fall.

3. Mismatched Sales. April is traditionally a slow month for mattress stores, so it's a good time for spring-cleaning. This is often when they usually have their official year-end (in tax terms), and when they do their inventory. Going through the warehouse with a clipboard can unearth a lot of odds and ends, and mattresses without matching bases, due to damage, or misplaced orders or what have you. Mattress stores will often pair the mismatched tops and bottoms together to get them out the door at a greatly reduced price.

Take a look at where you are in life, the major changes coming up down the road, and the new beds this will necessitate. Think of the sizes you'll need. There is no reason to pay full price. Keep these mattress sale seasons in mind, plan ahead, and save.


How Much Does Mattress Cleaning Cost?

You will be spending a lot of time sleeping. At the very least, your direct exposure to your mattress can go for as long as 7 hours. That being said, you have to make sure that your mattress is clean all the time.

If you have pets at home, they are more likely to leave dirt and pet dander on your mattress, thereby increasing the chance for molds, bacteria and germs to appear. It is imperative that you find ways to get your mattress cleaned.

Cost of Hiring Professionals

Hiring professionals might be easier but it can be costly especially if you are dealing with pee stains or similar problems. They will have to disinfect the bed or treat it with anti allergen cleaning treatments.

The price of cleaning a small mattress, bunk bed or a cot is usually at $60. Single to double mattress usually has a price range of $70-$80. A queen size mattress costs around $90 and a king size bed at $100. We are talking about full mattress cleaning here. If you need only to have the top or the sides cleaned, you are looking in on spending more than $30.

Buying Your Own Cleaning Materials

Spending that much money on hiring professionals to clean your mattress can bust the bank. This is true especially when you have to periodically clean your bed. Cleaning the mattress doesn’t require that much time and effort so you might as well consider doing it yourself. Buy your own cleaning materials and spend some time during the weekends to clean your bed.

You will need a stain remover, an anti allergen spray or a disinfectant, brush or sponge, some towels and a hair dryer or an electric fan. Apply the stain remover on the affected areas and leave it there for a few hours or until the stains are completely gone. While waiting, you can do your other chores.

If the stains have loosened up, you can apply a bit of the stain remover again and brush it or use the sponge to get rid of the stain completely. Wipe it with an absorbent cloth and proceed with the anti allergen spray. Spray it liberally on the surface of the mattress. Let it dry completely. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it to vacuum the surface of the bed. Let it dry using a hair dryer or an electric fan.

There are a lot of inexpensive stain removers out there. A bottle costs around $10. An anti allergen spray might cost about $20.


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