A Safe Solution For Restful Sleep

It’s often the case that no area of your daily life needs more attention than creating a safe refuge for restful, revitalizing sleep. In lifestyles where we regularly depend on the fast pace of our lives to accomplish all our daily tasks, it can be easy to over look our body’s need for deep and restful sleep. Current studies certainly prove this is most often the case. It can be of great benefit to you and your family to make positive changes in the perception of natural sleep.

Surveys have shown that between 40 and 60 percent of the general population regularly has trouble sleeping. It seems that we sometimes assume that a poor night’s sleep goes hand in hand with daily stress and worries, pressure from job and family obligations and the aches and pains that accompany aging. However, a solid night of sleep is critical for our overall health and well-being. We just can’t put our best foot forward when a poor mattress robs us of the quality sleep we require.

Natural sleep refers to the rhythm of sleep habits that enhance the rest and relaxation that you carry forward into your daily life. Sleep creates a reservoir of recovery from daily stress that we draw upon during our waking hours. When this reservoir is deep and clear with powerful and refreshing energy, we bring the best of ourselves into our work and all our relationships.

A natural latex mattress provides the most comfortable possible sleeping environment, by providing unbelievable support for your body weight and contours. A natural latex mattress is generally a simple configuration that bypasses the concerns that have developed as the result of the widespread use of chemical fire-retardants in many conventional innerspring mattresses. Current labeling does not require labeling that lists chemicals contained in the ticking of the innerspring mattress.

Pollution, in all its forms, has become a justifiable concern in our modern life. Studies have shown that our indoor air is often 3-5 times more polluted in than the air outside. Often it is the very chemicals we use to clean that contribute to air quality problems inside the home. In addition, most bedding and mattresses are treated with a variety of chemicals. Most conventional innerspring mattresses contain chemical fire-retardants and formaldehyde is commonly used to create wrinkle free sheets.

Certainly chemicals have provided tremendous improvements in our health and quality of life, but the proximity of harsh or toxic chemicals while you are sleeping is best to avoid. The popularity of the latex mattress, using natural materials in the cover instead of chemical fire-retardants, should come as no surprise. When we consider that a full third of our life is spent in the bedroom, it makes sense to choose the most careful approach in creating a safe refuge that is as chemical and toxin free as possible.

To upgrade your existing mattress and to provide a barrier from any possible chemicals, consider the purchase of a natural latex topper of 2″ or 3″. A latex topper is also a great introduction to the unsurpassed sleep comfort of latex foam, nature’s finest sleep surface.

The other important components for safe sleeping are chemical free sheets, blankets and pillows. The best materials are free of synthetic dyes, bleaches and wrinkle proofing treatments. Organic cotton and wool are great choices, and can easily found on-line. Natural pillows filled with buckwheat, natural latex and cotton or wool provide safe sleep comfort free of chemical and dust mites.

Be aware of the changes in your life that can signal the need for a new mattress or indicate that your sleep habits can be improved such as deep fatigue during yours hours at work, general irritability, weight gain or loss and general lethargy. If you are waking up uncomfortable or tired, it’s time for a new mattress. Provide your body with the rest and recovery it needs, you’ll find benefits in every area of your life.