5 Guidelines For Successfully Cleaning Urine

When it comes to removing the smell of urine, you want the best solution possible. Whatever your child falls asleep and wets the bed or your pet was not let out in time, the smell can be annoying. You do not want a temporary fix but would prefer methods that will eliminate the odor completely.

  • The most affordable way to remove the odor from carpet or a rug is to use soap and water. This may take some manual labor but it will work. Use a good liquid detergent that is known for breaking up grease and a durable sponge. Scrub the affected areas two the three times for a few days until the scent is gone. When using this method to get rid of urine in mattress, the soap and water procedure will have to be modified. A mattress can only be scrubbed very well once a day in order for it to dry properly. This should not be repeated continuously either. The best solution for urine in mattress is probably going to be a chemical spray. A great spray chemical product is named Equalizer. This product is also effective in the removal of human urine. It is not a fun task to be the one cleaning mattress urine but it is also not healthy to sleep on a mattress with urine build up either.
  • Another great solution for cleaning mattress urine is to call in the professionals. This is going to cost more money but they normally guarantee their work and the job gets done much faster and efficiently. The professionals normally have everything that is needed to eliminate the urine and smell in half the time it would take an individual to do it themselves.
  • Water and vinegar will also remove the urine stain and smell from carpets. This is also an inexpensive method to use. Using the same procedure as with water and soap, make sure the water and vinegar lathers and do not let it soak for more than 5 or 6 minutes.
  • An aggressive method for cleaning urine is to use an enzyme cleaner. It does not cost as much as paying for a professional but it will cost more than vinegar and water. A good enzyme cleaner will take care of the smell and get rid of the stains. It is always good to test a small area of ​​the item that is being cleaned before applying the solution to the entire area.
  • The best protection that can be used to avoid urine in a carpet is to have hardwood floors. If the home is not already equipped with hardwood floors, it may take a few dollars to get it done but it will save the owner much trouble in the end. The floors will also look beautiful. The best protection for mattresses is to use waterproof mattress pads and a good mattress cover. That way if any accidents happen during the night, the pad and the cover will prevent the urine from soaking into the mattress.